Light rims for freestyle???

Im doing up my freestyle soon, ive got 4 broken spokes and the whole set up is very old so basically i want a new wheel.

well the question i have for you is, do you know of any lightweight 20" rims that will take some abuse??? (not too much)
Ive found onehere
but im not sure fi its too light i.e. its gonna compromise on strength too much. its the Aeroheat one, or possably the tripple v. i think the aeroheat looks better cus its double walled but im not sure really so any help would be appreciated.


Based on your avatar, I’d recommend strength over weight. The old Araya rims that used to come on the Miyatas were great, and they were single-walled alloy. Mostly I think it was the superior factory wheelbuilding from Miyata that made those wheels hold up to so much abuse, but they were good.

Unfortunately I don’t know a specific rim to recommend. Just rememeber, light weight doesn’t matter much when your cycle is out of commission. If you do shows for pay, this is at least 4x as true.

The torker rim seems nice and strong for a good rim/wheelset. i have one and its pretty good. Just a suggestion.

Cool, thanks for the help.

Although my avatar shows me giving some abuse to my unicycle, thats on my trials, so i do stuff that like that on that.

the main reason i want a lightweight rim is to reduce the enertia in the wheel. when i upgraded to aluminium cranks the difference was quite noticeable, so im thinking that the rim, which is further from the centre of the wheel, will have a larger bearing on wheel enertia. so i think if i can get away with a lightweight rim it will make quite a big difference, however john you are correct in saying i’d be hugely annoyed if the wheel tacoed or similar.

the most abusive riding i’d be doing on it is unispins and hopping on wheel, but again im not sure how much stress these tricks can cause.

at the minute ive got a kinlin alloy rim, which came on my DM, and has lasted very well.


Any of those rims will be plenty strong enough if the wheel is built well. They aren’t superlight, just a little ligher than usual.

thanks dude thats the kind of inspiring input i need, i like the look of the aeroheat so i think im gonna go gor that. yeah i knew they wernt super light cus it says for racing and stuff so they must be fairly robust.

if anyone wants to contradict nickjb thats ok, im still up for third opinions :smiley:

thanks, iain