Level 11 Competition

So, lads! It’s on!

This competition will test your proficiency as a rider and a man. Get your ladyfriends out!

Rules are as follows:

  1. Both partners have to be balancing on the unicycle without any supports(like walls or lampposts) or touching the floor and the uni has to be mounted by one of the partners.
  2. Foreplay is allowed, but the snake has to be roused while on the uni.
  3. The trick is “landed” once male climax is achieved.
  4. Protection must be used: a rubber for the man and a helmet for the lady(compulsory).
  5. Bonus points for freemounting and “picking up” and dismounting gracefully.

Note: Due to somewhat private nature of the competition, the video evidence shall be shared between the competition participants and registered independent observers. Also, to enter, both partners must be of age of consent.

Now make some sweat!

First entrant:
Name: Ivan Ladykiller Nikolaev
Age: 20
Length: beyond measure
Favourite rubber colour: blue

hahaha… This threads gonna be funny. I’d enter, and could probably land the trick, but i’d be breaking a rule. (ahem, my age)

I think rule 3 is impossible on such a dangerous trick would be hard enough to do the rest.

I think the whole point of refering to the act as “level 11” is to keep some sort of family friendly atmosphere here. I think you might have crossed the line on that.

I’ve always wondered if you could both be on different unicycles, and if so would that be harder or easier?

There are… um… diagrams somewhere.

Hey, at least I’m not asking for a female climax.

And I’m pretty sure it’s possible.

I’ve already got two positions in mind. Gonna give it a go tonight, hopefully.

i think were gonna need to build one of these, it would help a little, eh? lol…

Is there a solo category for this competition?


if there is, i’d be the winner…

haha…the weiner.

That’s level 10.5.

I’m level 10.5.


I invented that skill (and I call it Twix).
No partner yet who dare to do it.
In Minnesota I asked Conny once (as she’s not that heavy to carry), but I guess she found it too intimate.

Just tell her it is for the good of the sport.

this thread made me lol:p :smiley: i really hope it all goes well.:wink: :smiley:
there is a potential for some serious injuries though. :roll_eyes:

Maybe this would explain the state of bill clinton’s? In a heroic attempt for level 11.

Badges must be made!

ivan so far you’re the only entrant so good luck - and send me the video :wink:

Hahaha! Good! But they’re missing both of the positions that I’m conceiving.

Practiced a bit last night, but didn’t have access to the unicycle, so had to do without it:(

Will do, mate(: