Lets see you do this at the whitehouse

Peter and Geoff riding up and down the stairs of parliament at the NZUNi weekend (Photos by Geoff):


And gliding in front of the Beehive:


I uniied on the stairs of Grant’s Tomb in New York once. They asked me to leave…I wonder why;)

I made scratches in the marble on the steps of the Detroit Public Library. That’s why.

Actually it’s mostly liability, followed by property damage.

I’m jealous. I would have loved to do that as a group, especially since it was on the schedule(?). I’ll have to do it next time I am down maybe. How can the photo be by Geoff if that is him on the steps? Did he get Jackie to take the picture on his behalf, or use a timer?

equivalent buildings

I think we would be doing that at the Capitol Building which is a public place, not the Whitehouse which is a private residence of sorts.

If he’s thinking like I do, the picture was taken with his camera. I consider those types of shots to be my property and copyright, though I often credit the actual shooter.

As to riding down the US Capitol steps or similar, I have no objection. What I did which was wrong, was practice on the marble steps. If a group of us were to show up, get our cameras positioned, and ride down the steps in a big group or something, I would consider that acceptable, as long as we were all comfortable stairs-riders.

Re: equivalent buildings

Also because the White House doesn’t really have any steps. It’s built at ground level.

Now, a Unicycle hockey game on Penn av. out front, that would be no problem. They play inline hockey there all the time.