Let's here it from the women.

New York Unicycle Club :slight_smile:

One more “Girl” here.
Level 2.

Just signed up for dsl and started posted to the forum within the past hour.

I started riding in November and am non-aggressive. I am learning slowly and have never taken any skills tests. Probably still at level 1.


Hi Donna,

Welcome to the forum!

You’ll find all kinds of helpful unicycling advice and good ideas. Some silliness, too.


Amanda…aks Chaudy, been riding since x-mas. been avid since march. and im okay. :slight_smile:

Are you Donna from Texas and attendee at the recent Kentucky Uni Rendezvous?


That’s me. I told you I would get around to registering eventually.

Welcome Donna!  How's the deck coming?

Great to hear from you , mucrider and dirtsurfer.

The deck is nothing. Just can’t get motivated to get outside working in 100 degree weather here in Dallas.

Riding… well, that’s a different story. Since the Louisville, MUni meet, I bought a Qu-Ax MUni-- You cheaters!!! This is soooo much easier than that Torker DX I tried to ride on the trails in Louisville.

I’m thinking about upgrading my Torker DX to a Duro Wildlife tire. I think it has the same clearance as the Qu-Ax frame. Since it doesn’t have a brake on it, it would be easier to take apart for flights.

Thinkin’ I need to go to Moab next year. Any girls planning to go?

If so, do you ride a 24 or 26?

I’ve been thinking that I’m overdue to go to Moab. So for next year you can tentatively count me in. I ride a 26", but the tire isn’t big and gnarly.
Carol Bricker lives out in Utah, and if she heard a bunch of adult women were going to be there, she’ll definitely make her husband watch the kids for the weekend and join us!


J shurtz…can I take you out for a steak dinner sometime?

im not a girl but u have been riding for longer than that amander as you started before me and i started bout may time last yr well i fink u started riding before me

Vicky Pollard!? Is that you?


Sorry. Couldn’t resist the cheap shot. I apologise. :o

I’m just waiting for the pillow fight to start…


An old thread… how did anyone allow this to die?

To all the women on unicyclist.com

Yeah…why did this thread die???

Girls are awesome!!!

Im Sarah
From Ohio =] =] =]

Only two thing are stopping me from passing level 6 + 7 yay…ill b there soon =] =]


Hey im a girl. I dont know what level i am but i can 180 flip and am very close to hicks.!! :slight_smile:

oooooo will you marry me?jk :stuck_out_tongue: