Let's here it from the women.

As most of the people on this forum seem to be male, I was just wondering how many women there are here and maybe what your skill level is?

I’ll start - I’m female.

Skill level - 11/2. I just need to learn some more freemounts.
Also improving off road.
I started in January.


Hi Cathy, good idea for a thread!

I’m a solid level 2, working on 3 and 4. I have yet to do:

For level 3:
the figure 8, getting closer!

For level 4:
One footed (I can do 2 revs)
Seat in back
My 360s are super choppy, but I’m working on them.

I have a coker :slight_smile: ZOOOOOM
a sun24
a Nimbus II20" in the mail to me
a 16" that’s really my son’s, he’s 6 years old, not riding yet
I’m in the market for a giraffe because I like to do things people tell me I shouldn’t do.

My cello teacher is really panicked now that I’m active in a “dangerous” sport! A broken wrist is bad news for a cellist.

Looking forward to hearing from the rest of you ladies, especially some the beginners and the prodigious youth!


Re: Let’s here it from the women.

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> As most of the people on this forum seem to be male, I was just
> wondering how many women there are here and maybe what your skill level
> is?

I just ride, but don’t work on levels. Can’t say I am a great rider, very


Re: Let’s here it from the women.

What’s 11/2??

Re: Re: Let’s here it from the women.

it’s 11 divided by two, also known as level 5.5. just kidding. took me a minute to figure it out too, but I believe she means level 1.5. wait, I’m not a girl, I can’t post in here, bye

Ah, good. I thought maybe she’d completed level 11 while only a level 2.

i’ve only been riding for about a month, but i can freemount and ride pretty much as long as i want assuming there aren’t any reallylarge bumps.

i guess looking at the levels i’d be a fraction more than a level 1?

Great job, J Shutrz!

Keep it up! You’re making good progress, esp with the freemount. The next useful skills are a lot of fun to work on, like turning, bumping down a curb, and eating a bagel on the way to work!


ive been on a unicycle for just about a year now (started last year) but i didn’t start riding til about november (like 6 months after i first got a uni)

im a level 1 offically. because i can’t mount with the opposite foot. and im not really interested in learning. haha.

im mainly interested in trials/street riding, and have a hankering for some muni, but i totally need to work on my endurance especally going uphill.

TOque was fun because i totally wasn’t the only girl who registered, there were 2 others.


Hey j.shurtz, I noticed your location is listed as Tx. Where 'bout in Texas are ya"?

Hey, we’ll have no threadjacking by men here!
Go back to your own thread. This is for women.


How rude of me :frowning:
I’m sorry, please forgive me :wink:

You’re forgiven.
I did have a horrible thought once I’d posted that you might be a woman. I just kind of assumed that you weren’t. Hope I haven’t offended.


i’m a girl. i’ve been unicycling since i was 11, and now i am 21, so i guess about 10 years. glad to see other girls out there somewhere, all i see are guys posting on this thing all the time!!! ; )

girls, where?!? just kiddin.

Lots of girls unicycling here in the Twin Cities (including “uniprincess” – HI Lindsey!).

I’ve been unicycling for over 25 years. Currently Level 8.


I’m not a girl (really, I’m not), but in looking thru the gallery the other day, I noticed there is a gallery dedicated to “Girl’s that Grind.” It has some great pics, so I thought I would pop in and post it here:


dallas area, but i’m leaving for NY in 4 days. time for college; unfortunately, when i leave that means no unicycle for a few months… ah well

Wow! I knew laws were different from state to state in the USA, but unicycle confiscation at the state boundary seems a tad on the draconian side…

:wink: :smiley:

levels, erm, i think I passed L2 at some point a few years back, now I just administer the Level certs for the UUU (union of Uk unicyclists). Been riding 14 years next sunday, learnt on my 19th B/d. Now share 12 unicycles with hubby 5 of which are mine, 4 are his and rest are really shared.
Main uni passions are hockey and muni, I was heavily into long (20 mile+) distance for a few years but havn’t done so much recently.