I have a Q about wether or not it is okay to post a video clip cut collage of Kris Holm from the New World Disorder video?

Is it?

seeing as how you ride summit Uni a rip off of the KH24’s no it is not legal. Just kidding. I dont know im not in law school. Ask my brother he’s getting a degree to be a lawyer.

in the movie, during the part you fast forwars, it says…

reproduction of this movie in whole, or in part is illegal, blah blah blah

First off, not a rip, a prototype reject. lol What do you ride? And second, just in whole?

I’m not sure what prototype reject is…but if it’s copyrighted material (which it is) and you post it online, in any order, or whatever, it’s illegal. (in whole, or in part)

I ride:

bedford trials / Bedford frankenstein MUni
Specialized FSR (Pimped Out)
I have some roller blades…under the cobwebs

I guess it’s a question of intent and effect.

First, is your intent to provide people with a trailer so that they can evaluate whether or not they want to buy the video? If so, does a trailer already exist? If it does, and this is you’re goal, I suggest avoiding the redundancy and letting people view the existing trailer (again, if one does in fact exist).

If you want to simply make a collage of the video for purposes of artistic expression, again, if the goal is to promote the video, perhaps it would be acceptable. If your expression is simply for personal fulfillment, I’d be careful of using material that’s being successfully sold. If your choices for artistry perhaps don’t give viewers an accurate conception of what New World Disorder is like, then maybe it’s best to not do it.

On the question of effect, I’d look at what impact it’s going to have on the viewers. Assuming the really one and only desireble end in making this collage is to get people interested in the video and hopefully go out and buy their own copy, I’d make real sure you do a decent job at representing the content and feel of the original video. If you include too much, people might be content to view only your work and not go and get their own copy.

All that said, I think the best route (instead of fishing for half-baked, hypothetical leagal opinions from the newsgroup) would be to email Kris himself and see how he would feel. In the end, it’s his video so I think it’d be fair to say he has a final say in how it gets used or reproduced.

Earlier I had offered to put together bits of Universe for Andrew (Carter. Did you end up getting a copy?). I had the same questions of legality. Dan Heaton’s mom (Dan is one of the three guys in Universe) emailed me with Dan’s phone number at university, saying I should just give him a call and ask. I didn’t ever, as Andrew said he didn’t want me to do all that work and that he was going to just go and get a copy (I gave an idea of what was in it – there is some amazing stuff).

Perhaps a good review with explanations of some of the high points of the video would do just as well. Obviously there’s no capturing some of the grace and size of great unicycling on plain paper, but words can give people an idea of what’s going on.


I think Kris might even have it up already. Check out his site and go to movies. I think its listed as one of the other movies trailer. But its identical footage. I know I saw it well before I got New World Disorder from a friend. And that I deffenatlly downloaded it from a unicycling website.

Look arround I think its already out there


It’s not Kris’s movie. He would have no say in the matter.

Contact freeride entertainment

Thanks Sofa, for that clarification. I was going to put in a caveat about, “or whoever produced the film,” but for some reason decided against it.

I guess they might be a little harder to talk with than Kris himself, but still I think it’d be worth a shot.


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Unfortunately doesn’t have any Universe videos in the European format (PAL) in stock. I’ve ordered One Tired Guy which I’m sure will be great anyway and will definately be better than going without either of them. It hasn’t arrived and you can read about my latest shipping problems in my most recent thread. It’ll get here some day.

Thanks a lot for helping me with the videos,

Yes and no. To the question ‘Is it legal?’ the answer is no. But if you did it anyway and the producers/distributors/owners wanted to prosecute you, then your intent and effect would be considered.

Because this is the intellectual property of someone else, and (the more rare part) they actually sell this product to the unicycling audience, I would have to determine that the reproduction or use of that material would not be in good taste.