Leg pain from 1 ft ww

Has anyone else noticed that when they were learning to 1foot ww, they had a lot of pain in the leg that was doing the pushing? For me that’s my right leg, and after two days of practice, my leg really hurts. I think it’s because I’m using muscles that aren’t used to be used. Most of the pain is from the inner thigh muscles and the area on the back of my leg just above the knee.

I assume this is because I’m learning a new skill and I just have to build the right muscles and smooth out my technique, but anyone know anything I can try differently to make the pain stop?


No I didn’t experience that pain, but I think you’re right about it just being a result of using previously un-used muscles. My back hurt back two years ago when I was learning to unicycle.


nope, no leg pain.just wore out my shoe a little faster.


1 foot.jpg

Sounds like sore hamstrings. This is normal from that activity. Your hamstrings are not real strong compared to the muscles on the front (quads), and get tired more easily doing this kind of stuff. When I go for long-distance gliding it always comes down to how much my hamstrings can handle before they start to cramp up.

I started out practicing pushing with my left foot but after a few days it hurt too much so I practiced with my right foot instead. Same thing with my right hand when I began with trials. I took a two week break and then I continued, but now holding the seat with my left hand.

It was mostly about technique in both cases. I always overdo it when I try new stuff and then I get hurt and it takes ages for it to heal. Try to avoid this if you have enough discipline :slight_smile:

Seeing the pic Jagur posted reminded me about another question I was meaning to ask. Is it much easier to 1 Ft WW and coast with a slick tire then a knobby? My Luna is going to need replacing and I was thinking that I might swap it with a slick. That brings up another question…which slick tires will fit on the 19" Alex DX32 rim?


I noticed the same thing, probably because I too am impatient and when learning a new trick I tend to binge on it till I can do it. Form me, John foss is right–it’s a matter of overtaxing the hamstring on the pushing leg. A good stretch after the workout will help. Also try practicing the trick every other day.

Lastly, per the slick vers. knoby tire–I had a breakthrough with 1 foot WW when my shoe got wet walking across the lawn, meaning the tire could skid under my shoe, as opposed to it stopping every time I put the pressure on. For me, the trick was learning how to keep the kicking foot light as a feather on the tire, letting the tire keep rolling rather than stopping it with each kick.


Jauger,is that a torker DX?It looks like mine.

Iv been kinda trying to learn 1footww,it doesnt hurt my leg :thinking: .
I guess im gonna practice more.

Yeah that’s Jagur’s DX.

I’ve getten ww down a little better so I’ll probably play with one foot ww. I’ll see what comes of it.

it took me forever to learn how to glide with my very knobby duro leopard 24x3…and now that i’ve worn down the tire, its hard to press down hard enough! my foot has been trained to be a feather on the wheel, and now that there’s no friction it needs to be more like 30 feathers…

i learned with a knobby tire so yes it is possible


i had the same pain. in the inside part of your leg right? i realized i was pushing down too hard on the wheel and i had to loosen up. i hope this helps.