Learning to pirouette

I’ve been learning how to pirouette this weekend on my new 07 Nimbus x that I got on friday from UDC.
Heres a Vid :slight_smile:

Any general tips on how to do them faster and with better balance and would be appreciated


Move the couch. :smiley:

So far what you’re doing is spinning. You haven’t really hit the center yet. To improve spinning it helps to try to hold a certain size of circle and continue pedaling. This will teach you how to even things out while maintaining the spin.

For the pirouette, you have to ride into the center of your spin and stop pedaling, without falling down or having to ride out backwards. That’s why polishing the spin is helpful. Try to pedal into the center and stop with your feet at or near horizontal. At the same time, when you hit the center pull your arms in to help you spin faster. Keep your arms out when working on a spin of constant speed, as it’ll keep you from going too fast.

Thanks for the video! Having something to look at can help us provide you with specific information based on what we saw. Don’t make the next video until you’ve spent at least a few hours on the above, and probably other advice below this.

Thanks I’ll Try It:)

Looks like he actually got to the pirouette in his last attempt, for a couple of half revolutions, and then road forwards for a couple of crank revs out of the last one.

Yes, he’s pretty close. But to not go at least once around hardly counts as a pirouette. For the official IUF/Skill level version, you have to make 3 revolutions at the center, without pedaling.

Oh. Is that the same for spins?

Heres a New one a made tonight. This one isn’t edited at all. I got three times around at 37 seconds on the vid

Comes up as a reapeat post.:frowning:

How well can you do a proper spin? And can you hold that spin for 5 or more revolutions? A proper spin would be tight and your body at the center point of the spin. A proper spin is also centered over the same point for every revolution (the spin should not wander).

From the videos it looks like you are doing tight circles rather than actual spins before entering the pirouette. There is a difference between tight circles and a proper spin.

If you can’t do proper polished spins you should work on the spins before working on pirouettes. Here’s some info on spins.

Looks like 2 revolutions to me…

Yes. The rulebook is online. Standard Skills List starts on page 42.

After watching it over and over, I counted about one and a quarter revolutions. The pirouette doesn’t start until the wheel is rotating on one spot, and ends when you start pedaling again. Based on those requirements, three revolutions is a lot! But you’re doing great. As JC said, being able to lock in that spin and hold it without hitting the center will help you control where you’re going.

OK, Thanks guys I’ll keep practicing. :slight_smile: