Launch ramps...

OK, so i did a quick search before i decided to post and couldnt find anything.
If i have missed it please just post a linky link link to the thread:D

I was just thinking about a ‘launch ramp’ simular to that of skaters… would this work for a uni? I dont mean hopping off the top of it, just getting speed and tryna launch off it.

Aerodynamics would suggest yes if enough speed was gained, but i just wondered what your opinions/expreience were on this.

Sorry for such a ‘weak topiced’ thread:o


I have tried on a 20" Devil going over a plastic skate ramp about 16" high or so…and it slid from under me and i wiped out.I suppose if it was rooted it may have worked but you would need alot of speed to get any ‘air’ off it.


Oh ok, yeah,i thought the speed factor may be an issue.
Thanks for the response :sunglasses:
I better not try it… i dont wanna whipe out too hardcore.

i think you’d need to be going really fast to translate the tiny vertical component of your velocity into any kind of distance.

i’d suggest learning to do a rolling hop instead. you don’t need a ramp, and i think you would be able to go further than if you had a ramp anyhow.

… not that i can actually do this yet. i only managed to do a non-rolling hop for the first time today :wink:


the only types of ramps that work for this, are the wood ones, and then its only fun if you are on a coker.

its really awkward to land though, because your pedals are always in weird places.

you can’t really do a hop off them either.

if the ramp is too steep your legs can turn with the pedals fast enough and you just kinda plop off unless you do a rolling hop at the end

welll… rolling hops are the easier option, but speed is not the major issue. lining up your cranks is. I have a friend who launches off of small banks/bumps/curbs all the time, but it took him 6 months or so to get it down(on a24…on a 20 its pointless) it doesn’t help get distance or air, it just feels cool.

We’ve got dirt ramps on Belle Isle that can be a lot of fun with a 29er, 24", not so much.

It would be a great video

Someone who could air out ramps on a bc wheel with pedal clips. :astonished:

Like Bryan does in that picture?

i’ve tried and it never works. if u could get more speed and coast from it and in the air it would work but with direct drive it doenst

ride fast, launch, get a little distance, land oddly, ride away. - its not the great

roll hopping is fun though

great picture

That’s what I meant! Not that I want to do it myself, just looking at that makes my bones feel weak. :astonished:
But big air has lot’s of spectator appeal. I think the bc might be the only way to get enough speed with a small wheel. Come on you brave rubber boned (you hope) heros! You tube glory awaits !:smiley:

Thanks people,
If its not that fun i wont bother then, i just thought it may have been a bit of fun and coulda looked cool launching off the top of some stairs;)

I think i should REALLY learn to do swell rolling hops, i can do small ones (only a few inches high) but these are at random times so i cant really ‘time’ a rolling hop yet:(

I know how that feels,
just practice it a few times off curbs going at a side angle, then do the same up curbs and try and get to the other side of the curb :slight_smile:

My street/ trials ridding is deteriating, I live in a place were there are no good trials spots and I’m just board of the ones I have already mastered. (I don’t even have any stairs haha.)

This could be one for the geared trials unis… if KHU ever release the hub to the general public :roll_eyes:

then build your own!!!

get some palates, random junk, piping from the dump(rails), ect…

I’m going to build a “wedge”, or “kicker” ramp, the kind without the curve, for launching off and getting some fun air. I don’t think you’d need a great deal of height at the launch end. I’m thinking only 4"-6" would be sufficient to get good height.

My rolling hops on flat kinda suck, so maybe this will help me to improve, by giving me enough extra air-time to throw my wheel out in front more while bending forward. I tend to stay totally upright during my jumps, greatly limiting my height and distance. :o

The dimensions I’m considering are about 5-6 feet long and 2 feet wide. I found this tutorial that looks pretty much like what I have in mind, except mine would be lower. And with the 6 foot length and wood construction, it should not move at all when riding onto it and jumping off, like those one-piece molded plastic ones.

Anyway, after I build it, I’ll make a video of the results. I want to try getting good air on three of my unis; my trials, MUni and coker! :smiley:

ok, so i have to admit, it takes a lot of practice, but it is possible to get some serious air off of a kicker.
i figured out how to do it at the (concrete) skatepark a few months ago. it is hard to find a ramp with the right angle, but once you do, you can get some serious air. doing tricks in the air is tricky though, i can barely do a 180 at 1/2 the height of a decent jump going for height.

Well, I basically figured you’d have a good result, providing that the ramp is long enough, with a nice gradual incline, and not too short with too severe of an upward angle to slow you down. And so if you are going UP the ramp with decent speed, then you should be able to continue UP and out after launching, with a good “kick”, or at least more so than if trying the same rolling hop on flat.