largest 24X3.0?

ok so what is the largest 24X3.0?

go ahead shoot away guys, I need to know.

its ok if you disagree.


From what I’ve heard, it’s the Gaz. I have nothing to back that up though.

Surely all 24x3.0 tires will be exactly that, so there can be no largest?

Most aren’t as wide as they say on the sidewall, but that will vary depending on your rim width. For example I think I’ve read that the Arrow wide bite is only 2.7" or so, I think Gizmoduck knows for sure.

Probably only good for street/trials but have you guys seen this:

Not sure if it would fit a standard 24" frame though??

Spencer put the 20" version in one of Evan’s frames. He needed to shim it up to fit in his Bedford frame and still only had like 1 mm. of clearance. It was more like 2.5" wide than the marked 3.45"

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I just put a caliper to a duro leopard

Installed on a stock 05 KH 24. It is 2.6 " across the sidewalls. 2.75" across the widest part of the knobs. At 20 psi.

I believe it fit without any need for shimming in his kh frame. But besides bc wheeling, Spencer said it was a horrible tire for uni riding.

I have tried the gazz, Duro, and IRC Kujo, and in all honesty the Duro has to be my favorite, I onlt prefered the gazz for skinnies and mud, but for everything else the Kujo and Duro are way better.

hope this helps :smiley: enjoy the KH24!

the duro seems small to me. It is significantly less than 3.0 even though thats what it is advertised as. like around 2.7 inches.

sure there are not any true 3.0 tires? or even maybe a 2.8, 2.9?

what tire is bounciest?


The Gazz is the largest, although the width of the tyre is highly dependent of the width of the rim you mount it on. The gazz also apparently soaks up big drops best.

I will go ahead and ride this duro until I order a gazz.


which is bouncier?

With a tire that tall on such a skinny rim, I couldn’t really ride it low enough to get bounce out of it without it folding. I also couldn’t ride at a high pressure because with more air it made the tire bigger and it rubbed my frame.
I am pretty sure it would fit in a kh frame fine without rubbing because they have a ton of clearance (talking about the 20" version).

24X3" tires.

Keep in mind that the width of the rim is going to have an effect on the volume and width of the tire. I never actually measured a Duro but it is wider than the Kenda Kenetic 2.6". Kris Holm himself wrote to me saying that the Duro is the best all around tire. He said that the Gazz is somewhat better for skinnies and Xtreme downhill. However they are not very manuverable. Kris himself rides Duros. You can clearly see this in Defect when he rides on the pipe out inthe desert.


How do you guys measure it? When I measured my Duro 24x3.0 it really was 3.0 inch wide. (7.5 cm) I just don’t get how other people’s tyres are thinner. I guess gazzaloddi is wider/bouncier than duro anyway.

You measure the width from sidewall to sidewall using calipers. You measure straight across, not over the curve of the tire or over the knobbies. It’s the width of the sidewalls at the widest point.

I have a measurement in a previous post where I measured the width of the 24x3 Gazz at 73mm (2.87 inches) on an Avro Zum Eliminator rim (the rim itself was about 40mm wide). On a narrower rim, like the Alex DX32, the Gazz is a little less wide. The Gazz is the widest 3.0 tire. The Duro tire is not as wide or wider than the Gazz. Your measuring technique is not right.

The tire widths on the sidewalls (especially for DH tire) is a marketing number. It’s not an actual accurate number.

The 3G Hoggy G or Twenty G tire is less wide than the Gazz even though the sidewall says it is 3.45".

3 inch tires

The Duro and the Gazz should have the same sidewall width of 3 inches if they are on the same rim. The difference is that the Gazz has more of a square shape if you do a cross section cut. That adds more volume. Take a square and draw a circle in it where cirle touches the middle of each side of the square and you can see an exagerated difference between the Gazz and the Duro.


I measured it with this

Fit the tire in the jaws.


If you just want to measure a tyre, independant of rim width, the best bet is to remove it from the rim, flatten it out (across the tyre, at one point in its circumference) and then measure bead-bead width and possibly the width of the treaded bit. But there isn’t a perfect way of measuring tyres. And I ride a 2.6 anyway…

No body could be bothered to do that

But I happened to have a new, never mounted Duro 24x3 sitting in the room with me, and I couldn’t find anything better to do.
Flattening the tread and measuring across the max width of the knobs yields 2.8" for the wide row, and 2.34 " for narrow row of knobs. So I don’t see any way to make the tread pattern 3" wide, a wider rim could only move out the sidewall some.