KSTP News Clip on Amy & Ryan (World Expert Pairs Champs)

My momma was watching tv late last night and said she saw a clip on the news about unicycling so I went to their website and found this clip: http://kstp.dayport.com/viewer/viewerpage.php?Art_ID=167526.com/
Check it out.

The video loads, but NO :frowning: PICTURE!

It appeared last week on the midday news, and therefore I already posted this: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50357

Ryan told me that KSTP plans to do a follow up after UNICON… I assume that’s only if he wins again (likely, but you never know).

Oops, sorry bout that. I should have searched further cause I looked at everything posted in the last 2 days before I made a new thread because I thought it was only aired on Sunday night but I guess I was wrong… Oh well.

He’ll probably win, I’m not competing

You’re not competing? I better call my bookie and see if I can change my bet.

He was in the extra footage in defect wasn’t he?

Yes he was.


awesome freestyle!

One of the things about Ryan’s riding is his incredible crowd contact. Not only is he doing all this amazing riding, but his hair’s in place, he has a big smile, he’s making eye contact with the audience, and his partner’s in great hands.

What you see in the Defect clips is about 25% of his entire riding presentation.

And what you’ll see in Inner Balance takes care of the rest :sunglasses:

inner balance???

Coming Soon to DVD, Blu-Ray, and HD-DVD :slight_smile:

me want

interesting… thats pro