World Champions Ryan Woessner and Amy Shields on the local ABC channel, KSTP

During the midday news and the 10 pm news tonight (soon to be shown) on KSTP in Minnesota, a feature was shown about Ryan Woessner and Amy Shields. You can watch it online at:

Well, the 10 pm one was a little condense from what you can see at the link above.

Wow, what an inspiration, thanks Gilby!

The link for the mms stream for the video is

“Ryan is so good he can shoot with a camera AND STILL RIDE!.. Crazy!”

thanks, that was awesome.

i just wish they had shot the seat-out wheelwalking better (so you could actually see what he was doing). oh well, i guess they found it less impressive than the jump-roping and the camera-wielding.

I didn’t even see seat out WW :angry:

It’s so amazing he can jump rope while unicycling!!! :astonished: