kris should update the bearing holders

Just a thought. They’re only wide like that because of how the 05/06 crank set was positioned. Now it just looks silly.

It wouldn’t matter usually, but it takes away from standing room on the cranks (a few mm). Bearing holders like on the nimbus eclipse would be ideal.

This is one of the few places a KH frame needs to change. Out of all the products that have come and gone in the KH line, I’d safely safe the frame is the true gem. Each year kinks get ironed out, which I’m impressed by. The holders could do with an update, yeah. The Nimbus Eclipse frame’s holders are nice. Would some round shaft-holder shaped ones be possible? Perhaps. Though some may not like it.

I’m sure Kris will pop into this thread at some point and address this. In case Kris reads and is aiming to make a few more changes for the next year’s frames, then there are a few ideas floating around.

Internally butted leg tubing, and also Fluted tubing for the seattube, as seen on this Japanese Flatland frame:

Yes the bearing holder’s do need updating as on the KH26" 2010 with a Schlumpf/KH the holder’s touch and the hub can slip until you file down to have sum clearence.
Still a good frame just need a flater seat! :astonished:

You could also just take a grinder and take the useless aluminum off:p But you wouldn’t have much more place for you foot IMO.

Grinding the bearing holders won’t help because the side of the leg will still be in the way. If the bearing holders were slimmer I think the legs would need to taper down more at the ends also (which may be why they’re still like that).
But yeah, with a cromo frame and slim bearing holders there’s a significant amount of extra space for your feet.


Finally somebody else see’s it. That’s part of the reason I ride nimbus. hahaha

No, that’s just because you broke your KH frame :stuck_out_tongue:

I think plenty of other products in the KH line need serious revision. Moreso than the frame.

A bit of constructive criticism like the topic’s first post can go a long way. :sunglasses:

I am more than willing to get into details of what could be improved for next year and future years. I’m sure plenty of other riders have better ideas too.

Thanks for the feedback. The major changes in the various generations of KH frames since 2005 have been mainly to do with increased strength, reflecting the fact that more and more riders are putting higher and higher demands on the frame.

It’s not hard to make a redundantly strong and heavy aluminum frame, but making a frame that works well for a wide variety of riding styles, with the optimal balance of weight, stiffness and strength, is harder. Given the fact that most riders ride a few different styles, keeping a single lightweight frame model that works very well technically and is also versatile and strong enough for all the agressive riding styles is important. It depends very much on the rider but flat can sometimes put some of the highest stresses on a frame of all the riding styles except perhaps big street.

The bearing holders on the KH frame are as narrow as they can be for the current tubing diameter; it wasn’t a diameter chosen based on crank type. Given the high strengh and stiffness requirements for this frame I am pretty cautious about going thinner, and adding width for standing room via Rollo’s works well in that it doesn’t compromise strength. However, I’ll take a look though.

As far as other improvements go, it’s always an ongoing process and an expensive one. For example, updating to the new generation, stronger/stiffer KH saddle frame cost several 10’s of thousands of dollars in engineering design costs & mold tooling. Other factors come into play too, such as the fact that dealers get angry if changes happen too quickly for them to keep up in terms of stock. For sure feedback is appreciated - feel free to email at or through the contact form at