Kris Holm Unicycle vs. Yuni Unicycle

Out of these two unicycles which one comes out on top in durablility and quality?

or the Kris Holm

Which one?

My vote is the KH. I haven’t ridden the Yuni set-up, but the Freeride is incredible. I took it on a long rocky, dusty singletrack last summer and was grinning from ear to ear the whole time. The Yuni components look just as strong, except maybe for the frame…the KH is really great…strong and light (relatively speaking).

I would get the KH considering how light and strong it is, but you may want to consider the Yuni because the if you break the profiles you get free ones, unlike the Kris Holms. I would still get the Kh though.

Would it be a good move to upgrade the tire to the Nokian Gazzaloddi?
And is the brake really worth the extra money?

I think brakes are only needed for very difficult, steep and technical trails. I do pretty hard trails without any brakes, it’s just REALLy tiring and when I’m done I can barely walk.

Depends what size. The Gazz 2.3" is a horrible horrible tyre to ride. I have read good reports of other Gazz sizes, but many people have agreed with my assessment of the 2.3".

I can’t coment on the Yuni, but I have a 24"XC Kris Holm, and it is great.

I quite fancy getting a brake for the odd times that I ride down really steep, and loose trails. I don’t need one most of the time, but it would be good when you need it.

No need for the tyre upgrade, that’s an awful lot of extra money for something that most people think is about the same quality as the duro tyre. Some people like the Gazz more, some people like the Duro more, but there’s not much between them.

I wouldn’t bother with the brake, better to learn without one and then add it later once you know whether you want it and you’ve learnt basic muni skills like riding down steep hills without the help of a brake.


yea if you get one ot these uni’s get the KH for sure. Its light, and strong. Dont get a gazz tire on it or a brake either, id say get a gazz for your next tire to compare them and see witch you like best. Brakes are really not needed.

agreeing with musketman here.

I have a KH24 (biased?), and it is the sweetness. the gazz/duro tires are more or less the same (duro is a round-profile while the gazz is square), but the price differential is much greater. Also, the kh crankset is in many ways better than the profiles. A brake is something to get after you know you need it. I’ve read somewhere onthe forums that it’s better for your style if you don’t have one while you’re still getting into it anyhow, so you don’t become reliant on a brake.

The Yuni was worth the money a couple of years ago, but it hasn’t really been updated since then. The only advantage it has over the KH is that the seat tube goes all the way through the frame; the adjustability on the KH is quite small, too small for a MUni in my opinion. (The distance between post-bottomed-out and min-insertion is only about an inch).

In other aspects, the quality of the KH is higher and it’s noticably lighter. The KH has a rail adapter and an tilt-adjustable seat post for comfort. It also looks like the Yuni has plastic pedals, which is a bummer for MUni. Most people prefer the 24" to the 26", though it depends on your terrain. And whether you get the brake now or not, the KH will accomodate one if you decide to go that way in the future.

I dunno why so many people are rabid fans of KH frames… what do you get for the extra $100 or so? You save a little weight but you can’t adjust the saddle height very much? :roll_eyes: Unlike bicycles, the unicycle frame isn’t a critical component… spend your money on a bomber wheelset and a comfy seat and you’re good to go! (As an aside, I’m still floored that KH can’t seem to manufacture a seat that’ll hold up to much abuse, despite their ability to build a decent uni)

The Yuni frame has been absolutely bombproof for me. Unlike the KH, this frame needs no updating, it’s a great design as-is! (It could use some brake bosses but heck, it’s a good excuse to do a little welding :slight_smile: ) I have the Yuni / Profile setup in 20" and 24" and have abused both thorougly. Neither frame shows more than a scratch. If you like the KH blue, spend a few bucks and rattle-can your Yuni frame. Heck, you’ve saved so much buying the frame, you can even afford a powder coat!

One of the main reasons I buy Profile is because of the warranty. Even if I never make use of the warranty, I’d still prefer to give my money to a company that stands behind their products. I also like the recognition I get from BMX riders when they see I’m riding on some of their top-of-the-line components :slight_smile:

When it comes down to it, there really isn’t much difference between the two unis. They’ve both got super-strong, rider-tested (and proven) hub and crank sets. They both need a pedal and seat upgrade before they’re bomb-proof, although they’re both trail-ready out of the box. And, um, they’re both unicycles. So don’t sweat the differences so much… just take your pick!

Regarding the brake… unless you’re going to ride super steep slopes, or do miles of downhill, don’t worry about it… unless your knees are in bad shape.

I like the KH frames, but agree that that’s the last place you need to spend money. Still, the rest of the uni is sweet. I’m still mixed about the whole “rail adaptor” thing, but the only thing that’s better and retains angle ajustability is the SW Carbon Seat, which are well worth it, but expensive).

Regarding KH seats. While they’ve definitely had a history of breakage, they’ve improved a lot over the years. They’re still the best MUni seat for $40.

profile=stronger but heavyer… kh= strong enough and lighter

and the profile has the life warenty as well…

i absolutely love my khs (muni and trials) and the weight difference is very noticeable

i think the cranks are just as strong and roger at udc uk said that the KH hubs makes a stronger wheel build

also, the KH seats have been upgraded to low-profile, dual density foam as well as having a much stronger base and stiffener plate

my friend broke an old KH seat easy but has yet to break the new one on his trials uni

In the two configurations the original poster gave, the Yuni was $137 more than the KH.

My MUni Profile-wheeled Yuni 24" with the Gazz, a stiffened miyata seat on a rail, and the kinport handles. It is a very strong unicycle. Sometimes, before a MUni ride, I’ll put it out in the back yard and fire a couple bazooka rounds at it, just to get it warmed up. They bounce right off and land where Leon’s trailer used to be, before I started MUniing.

Seriously though, having a lifetime warranty on the easiest-to-break part of your unicycle is really nice. However, good luck breaking either a profile or a KH. The KH is an extremely popular uni that is becoming more and more a standard. Some measurements of the Yuni do not match up to those on the KH–the bearing size and the seat post diameter. Finding seat post upgrades for your Yuni will be harder. You will need to buy a rail adapter for your YUni if you want to upgrade seatposts, The KH comes with a rail adapter.

In conclusion, the Profile hub wins in durability, and the KH mountain unicycle wins in overall quality. It is hard to beat a KH unicyle, however, that does not change the fact that profile wheelsets are the indisputable top-tier for quality over time. Will you still be riding hardcore, equipment-punishing trails in three years?

Oops… I ran the numbers but didn’t bother to look at the models :stuck_out_tongue:

My original statement still stands… even for $100 more I’d rather give the money to a company that stands behind their product.

Who’s offering a warranty on their seats? I want one! I break seats and handles like a madman… :slight_smile:

Not really… The Primo Rod (~$16) is cheap and stronger than the smell of your pads after a long muni ride. It’s a bit on the heavy side but I’d think your frame would break before you could bend this bad boy.

I can beat it with a bat, I can beat it in a hat
I can beat it with a rock, I can beat it around the block
I can beat KH, Sam I am.
I’ll beat it 'till it looks like jam.

It will not beat my Yuni muni, the KH cranks look oh, so puny.
It will not beat me on the trails, who cares about adapter rails?
I can beat KH, Sam I am.
No lifetime warr’nty? That’s quite a sham!

I think its normaly that a small company like Kris Holm unicycles could not give a life time waranty that has nothing to do with “standing behind there products”.
The whole Uni also whould cost much more and people who dont ride very hard must pay for a waranty they doesnt need.