Kris Holm Seat Posts.

I need to order a new kris holm seat post for my 20 inch. But it looks like they have taken it off of ?:frowning:

I think that they didn’t received it yet! Same with rims and hubs I think!

does anyone know when they will be in and if not for a long time a place were I can order the 07 line of seatpost.

you will just break it again, get a crmo.

The 08 seems good. I still ride cromo. I’m just using my kh posts still they break, I already have replacements. You don’t even notice the difference in weight.

I broke my CroMo post faster than I Broke my KH post. Ill be going to 08 Kh once I get my CF.


Bedford has em almost for sure.

Your weird. Cromo post can also be repaired easily, if you have access to a welder or can get it done I would get a cromo. Especially if you ride street, the extra weight will mean nothing, my street uni is all about stregth. You don’t really need a super light uni for street.

You, sir, have no idea what you are talking about.

Weight affects street a whole lot more than it does trials. Tech that is.

In the wheel set. A few grams up top is really going to do much?


You sir, are a weight weenie.

Lighter unis are dramatically easier to spin…

Weight barely even matters for trials though…

Not upper half of the uni so much

Trials is all about control and hop height, weight is a key factor in trials. That said a cromo post will not affect a trials or street noticably. If it does, do a few exercises.

There is for sure a noticeable difference between CrMO and ALU seatposts during street ridding. However its not a big deal. Getting used to either will happen, and the strength of CrMO usually outweighs the drawbacks of its weight. A light post will make it easier to spin the uni more straight more consistently. It will also make for less force while hitting the ground. So in theory a lighter seat post will break less bumpers.

You guys are rediculous.

I at least need a light rim and light pedals, but will go lighter on other parts as well if given the chance.

In this case, where the two items are comparable in strength, I would go for the lighter one.

I disagree with anyone who says crmo is significantly stronger than ALU.

It’s not. Crmo in my experience breaks just as easily, if not easier than Alu. It’s just more likely to bend, and then if you bend it back it appears good but snaps within the next week. Crmo is way overrated.