Kris Holm Saddle.

I would like to buy a better saddle for trials and muni. Would a KH saddle be a good one for me? Is it worth the $50? Will it last me a long time? Is the handle on it for jumping very good? Just wondering.

yes i have kh’s on my muni and trials unicycles they are great although some people seem to go through them like jelly but i think you have to ride pretty damn hard to do that!And yes worth the money

i agree definatly worth the money i love mine

Re: Kris Holm Saddle.

Worth $50? Yes. The next best saddle is the miyata (same as the torker LX). The Miyata is $40 and much harder. Now that I’ve used the KH for a while, I’m amazed how hard the Miyata/TorkerLX saddles are. My opinion: (lacking an airseat conversion or other modification) no other saddle currently available even compares with the KH.

Will it last me a long time? It should last pretty well. The newer models are getting stronger and better. And (lacking CF base or other modification) the KH should last at least as long as other saddles. Just how long it lasts is going to be largely dependent on how you ride (how much, how hard, how many hard falls, etc).

Is the handle on it for jumping very good? Yes. Probably the best handle (at least for hopping) of any (unmodified) seat.

Note: the miyata/torkerLX take one kind of seatpost, most (all?) other popular saddles take another kind of seatpost. (The bolt patterns for attaching the saddle to the seatpost differ).

wow the Miyata is more money in the uk.And i am not sure if you can get them in the us but you can get a CF base for the kh in the uk. it costs more then the saddle but i think if i i every snap a kh i would rather buy that then a new one.

Well I have finally ordered my KH saddle. I hope its worth it. I hope I won’t be disappointed. I ordered it yesterday. Wondering when it will be in. I ordered it from How long does it take to ship with ground shipping from UPS if you order by credit card? Just wondering.

at for the trails numbus it says the saddle is a kh is it really?

i have a kh saddle that came with my norco uni, and i think its good. i now people who have bought them and they say they are better than the one’s they had before. also the plastic handle and bummper around the seat saves the seat from ripping or getting scratched when you fall.

I have the Nimbus Muni 24. It said that it came with the Velo seat. It is a KH seat. Very nice. I also ordered one to go with a new Torker LX.

I just got a KH seat yesterday. It is much better than the seat I had before, the Torker CX seat. It is more comfortable and the handle in the front actually works. :slight_smile:

It gets my seal of approval.


I have a KH and it its great, I´ve had it for a while and I´m running my muni a lot. And i also have three siblings who can´t ride a uni, and they crash my muni 50 times a day trying to learn;)

I learned to ride on a viscount seat, which was ok, but after awhile as my riding time improved, would get uncomfortable. I got a kh seat, and it’s much more comfortable, at first it seamed akward, but now that i’m used to it it’s fine. I like the handle, and I think it’s an a ok unicycle seat.


i love my air seat (roach cover) and my gb4 handle. at least for muni. if i did more freestyle-esque riding/trials i’d want a KH type front handle. the gb4 makes the bicycle mount hard, so i can’t imagine what it’d do to significantly harder tricks. also get the gb4 stiffener plate. it makes the KH handle even better.

I have both a torker lx and a nimbus x with the kh saddle, the lx fell forward and cracked all the way up the middle, the kh has hit just as hard if not harder. Although I think that the torker is better for freestyle but not as strong or as comfy:) . Also the kh saddles are now $39 at UDC.

only problem with the kh saddle is it is to tall so when holding the seat out in front of you its a hassle and hurts the fingers but besides that it is top notch:D

its a asome seat i definatly reccomend it

im ordering a kh seat soon, my seat broke today- if oyur owndering what i mean-- i meant the front half fell off…things happen-oh well

is there any reason i cant or wouldn’t want to convert my KH into an airseat for my trials/muni uni? (

i have had a kris holm seat for about 5 months and i am NOT pleased at all, i can only ride about twenty minutes before i get chafed and sore. i do not reccomend this seat.

P.S.:if anyone out there has any suggestions an good “all around” seats that are reasonabally priced and allows me to ride farther.

really? that’s odd. I’ve never heard anything like that really…

I don’t even have any suggestions.