Kris Holm in FHM Magazine

I think it is the newest issue, May '06. It is a small article, with like 4 pictures. The article writers just had to make a “clown/circus” reference though! :angry:

That’s a confirm - page 56.

Personally, I think the Canada jab is better than the clown reference :wink:

hey man Canada is cool.dont dis Canada


i was in it last year or somthing…now i can say i did somthing before Kris…

I have a lot of friends in Canada and I’ll be up in Toronto for Canada Day (as I have many years).

Having been married to a Canadian, I feel that I have a certain amount of leeway :wink:

oh so ur like half canadian eh? ok the we can give a bit of leeway to you…but dont push the limits or ill sick my attack beaver on you!!

The dickhead writers probably cant even ride a mountain bike, and they are going to knock MUNI

scans, anyone?

Sorry - no scanner. If nobody else can, I could try to resort to taking a picture with my camera… but those always look like crap.

Can somebody post the article, or a link? And what is “FHM” magazine??

just as a counter point, fhm is pretty much all about some softcore porn. they are pretty hard on just about everything that makes it into the mag. so here’s my editor’s comment on their editor’s comment: “canadaneesses are cool, if you think otherwise then go sit on a trout and spin. when you reach the pectoral fins, then you may begin your attacks on my friends to the north.”
but hey, what do i know… i didn’t sell my soul to the softcore porn and picking on unicyclists industry.

Some of it is certainly T&A, but not all of it by any means. Not to say that the sense of humor is “for everyone”, but there’s certainly the attitude of “we’ll make fun of everything a little bit, even ourselves”. Like most things in life, if you don’t take it too seriously, it can be amusing. And if you take things too seriously, you should consider relaxing a bit.

Besides… the price of a mag subscription (and in my case, I was given it as a gift) hardly qualifies as “selling one’s soul”.

Assuming I don’t screw this up, here’s the article (more of a “blub with some pictures” than an article, but whatever).

It’s crappy quality because I had to take a picture of it with my 5.5 year old digital camera. I’m definitely not set up to digitize print.

LINK (not posting it directly in the forum because it’s kinda big)

If you use a tripod it can come out pretty good, but still not like a scanner.

yes, i agree. it’s probably more like an 1/8 of soul. congrats to KH though

thats actually pretty cool, good pics(atleast not like that first article, they cropped the pic so it looks like hes just riding on flat ground doing nothing)

FHM= For Him Magazine (which FYI I think is a load of twat).

Actually I believe they always stop short of actually showing any twat. For Terry’s benefit, though, their website gives a pretty good idea of what goes in the mag:

And of course “FHM Magazine” is an example of RAS syndrome (RAS standing for “Redundant Acronym Syndrome”. Just like “PIN number”.

I wish they’d give photographers credit…


wow that is so awesome ! Congrats KH !

I have pics of KH all over the walls in my office to show his skills =)