Kris Holm Frame

Ok, so right now its this:
KH Moment Cranks (125 mm)
and would this hub work with those cranks?
EDIT: that hub is 36 spokes… I need a 48 spoke one…

No, the qu-ax hub won’t work with the KH cranks, it’s not ISIS. Anyway, go check your uni and count how many spoke holes there are in the rim. I’m almost positive it will be 36, and then the KH moment hub and cranks will work (from bedford, UDC is out of stock). Also, get 137’s. You will be very glad you did. 125’s are really short for trials, and if you do any street 137’s will be awesome.

Oh, you’re right… there are 36 spokes. So just to double check: KH moment hub and 137 moment cranks?
Where on the Bedford pricelist PDF are these products, I don’t see any of the moment stuff.

The Bedford pricelist is not up to date. Call or email Darren for info.

Alright, will do! Thanks, Spencer and maximus unius for all your help!

Glad to help:)


or, if your going to be doing a wheelbuild anyway, you could do this.

KH moment hub/cranks - $140
KH drilled rim - $45

and if you get it from darren I’m sure he’d do the wheelbuild for it. probably -$20

total $200, $50 less than getting a KH frame and p. coating it, and this adds tons of strength, tons of stability, and a tiny bit of weight.

also, weight really doesn’t make a huge difference. When I started riding I thought it did(you can see all my cf pedals and other blah blah blah threads.)

if you want to in the future you could buy the frame, but a strong wheelset is more important/

Did you even read everything I posted? You’re basically re-stating everything I said.

sorry, I didnt realize there was a second page:o

also, I suggest getting 137s for street/ trials

they don’t slip out as much as 125s, and you can still generate tons of speed for stair sets( Ive done an 8 set on 140s)

also, the bigger cranks give really nice support for flatland crank moves.


Ok, I emailed Darren, I asked him about the hub and cranks… but when he gets back to me I will ask him about getting the rim and building the wheel.

If you get the moment hub and the new kh rim it would be buying a kh trials wheel and I would think that he would have some of those already built up.

You are excused, but only this once:p

Anyway, I think you should keep your current rim. It is the 2005/2006 KH rim, minus Kris’s signature and that groove where the rim would break. Sure, it may be a tiny bit less stable because it is 5mm skinier, but personally I would save the $45 and just get the wheel built at the LBS.

Yeah, I don’t need a new rim… besides, I love my teal blue rim!!

Uh teal blue? You have the Nimbus II unicycle? That isn’t a trials rim I don’t believe, that is 20" not 19" Are you sure thats the maxxis creepy crawler on it?

Just to clarify this isn’t what you have right?

He painted the rim blue.

yeah but i dunno make sure you dont have the 20" maxxis CC front tyre… make sure its a rear tyre… but thats pretty obvious i’m sure.

Ah, I see, I just checked his gallery.

Yeah, I have the nimbus trials… but its not the one on UDC, they took it down. So is my CC 20’’? I am pretty sure it is 19.

I would stick with the nimbus frame :wink:

Well if you have a trials uni then it is a 20x2.5" tire. That is a rear mod. You can also get a CC as a front tire which will also say that that it is 20".
Here are both of them on my bike.

If you bought a nimbus trials then its a 19" rim and rear mod tires will fit it.