Kris Holm Frame

Does anyone know if the KH frame could replace my Nimbus Trials frame? I am looking at buying the frame, but I just wanted to make sure that I would be able to fit it on my Nimbus Trails wheelset. Also, how much weight would that take away from my uni? Finally, how much would it be in USD, if it is 55 CAD?

The purchase I am looking at is: The KH20 frame and powdercoating it orange… you can see the prices on the pricelist, but it would add up to 100 Canadian dollars.

Yes, it will fit. has an exchange rate calculator for which you can use to comvert yo USD

An easy way to convert currency is to use google, type in “50 CAD to USD” without the quotes and before any search results it will give you the conversion. It works for converting between most currencies.

I guess that would work too, you posted right before me, but the google way is much quicker, especially if you have the google toolbar.

Yeah… I was about to go edit that… but still: Will the KH frame reduce a lot of weight from the uni? I either did something wrong, or found that with powder coating, the frame would be about 117 USD… so I would buy it if it would make a big weight difference.

I would upgrade your hub+cranks before anything. The nimbus II will serve you well, and while the KH frame is nice, the frame is pretty much the least important part of the uni strength-wise. Hub+cranks are pretty much the most important part of the uni. The new KH cranks would cost just over what you would pay for the KH frame. I say it is a WAYWAYWAYWAYWAYWAY better use of your money.

Oh yeah, where are you getting a KH frame that cheap?

The main thing I am wondering about is weight… I am fine with my cranks and hub because I don’t weigh a lot, and they are already pretty strong to begin with. I just want to take the weight on my uni down.

OK, it’s your choice. Nimbus II frame weighs about 2 pounds, and the KH frame weighs 1.29 pounds. Seriously, I say it’s not worth it. You won’t notice .7 pounds difference. However, you will notice bent cranks when you screw up a drop and your cranks bend.

Is the nimbus II ok for trials? Also, I can’t lace a hub/rim… so I can’t get a hub and crank set, and my hub isn’t splined… so the KH cranks won’t work on it.

You buy the hub+cranks, then take it to the LBS and have them build the wheel. Just make sure to tell them to make it extra tight. A wheel-building at the LBS will cost you around 30-40 bucks.

How much weight would it take away if I change the cranks and hubs, I don’t think it would make a big difference…

EDIT: Also, i was looking at the Bedford frame… the KH frame would actually be about 150 USD

My thinking is you should be less concerned about weight and more concerned about strength. The KH cranks and hub will acctualy add a tiny bit of weight, but seriously, you can bend your cranks and hub just gapping a 3 set. Is that what you want?

Also, think about the reliablility of your equipment. Cotterless like you have now is WAY more likely to fall of during a ride or something like that than splined…

The Bedford frame is almost exactly like your nimbus II frame. The ONLY difference between them is seat post size, and the fact that the bedford frame is probably about .05 pounds lighter, because the seatpost tube is 22.2.

The other possilbe thing would be getting a new wheelset… on the Bedford website, the Bedford 19" trials wheelset is about 115 USD, would that fit on my Nimbus trials and CC?

That wheelset is almost the same exact thing as you have now. It would be like buying it because you wanted to blow money. Pretty stupid, and not really that useful.

Then I should just get a splined hub/crankset and have the LBS take care of building the wheel?

For sure. For a little extra money over the frame, you can have a virtually bombproof uni. KH rim, CC, KH moment,nimbus II frame (survived a car accident) and KH saddle. What more could you want? (I guess a lot of things, but its still an awsome uni)

Well, from looking at it, the nimbus II frame looks just like the one I have now, but not a rounded crown. I would just get the new rim, and KH moment stuff… there is only one size of CC, right?

Why get the new rim? You already have the old KH rim, minus the groove on the side that made them break.

Oops, I meant to say I wouldn’t need the rim, becuase I already have the CC that fits it… but is my rim 19" if the CC fits on it? (Just wondering)