Kris Holm 20" Trials

Hey guys! As you may not know, I have a Sun 20" Flattop that has a terrible twisted hub, that makes my right petal do a weird rotation. So, I finally decided that I was sick of repairs, and was going to get a Kris Holm Trials uni. I was just wondering what you guys think of the Trials unicycle, and how durible it is! Thanks!

PS: I started yesterday, and I already have $60 bucks towards it. 540 left to go!

Trials Uni

I do not personally own a Kris Holm trials uni because of the price. Have you checked out the nimbus trials? Its considerably cheaper and thats why I bought one. If you have the money I hear KH is the way to go but if you have trouble getting the $500+ more you need check Nimbus out. Either way you go, you will not regret it. Upgrading to a better unicycle feels better than anything else i know!

The Nimbus is a great uni for the $. Basically like a old KH. It’s a bit heavier, and the rim a tad narrower than the new KH’s, requiring more air pressure.

But atm there are a bunch of cheap Koxx One unis around, at places like Walmart (all of the Koxx’s on there are basically the same except for colors). So I’d get a Koxx while they last.

I love my koxx

I’m not a fan of the KH20. In my experience they tend to fail. If you search on here you’ll find quite a few broken frames and hubs. Some say they are improving but I’d rather not pay for the development as they are quite expensive with poor customer service.

Yeah, some of the older ones had a couple of weak spots. The crown has since been reinforced, as well as the flanges.

The only part I’ve heard any problems since these improvements (frame & hub flanges) is the Ti hub (repaced under waranty), but I’ve heard zero problems w/ the standard steal hub.

You’ve had poor CS? That’d be the first I’ve heard of.

Yep, Kris Holm products have broken. Just like all other company’s products have broken. Kris Holm stuff is in general very high quality though, and has the best customer service of any company I’ve dealt with so far. Kris has personally responded to all of my emails in a timely fashion and also frequents these forums to help others. KH is a very good option, but another good choice, especially for the cost, are Koxx One unicycles that are being sold very cheaply from a lot of websites like walmart.