KH 2010 lineup - details and info are here

Hey All,

I’m happy to say that the 2010 KH lineup is arriving soon, in the next 1-4 weeks depending on where you live. Here are details about upgrades and improvements, and a few photos. More photos will follow in the coming weeks once the gear is in stores.

1.KH26 (assembled) is now available: Specs are the same as the KH29 (including Stout tire & wide rim), but with 150 mm single hole cranks. All KH26 frames delivered after September 2009 fit a 26x3” tire. The KH26, in my opinion, is also one of the most versatile setups for a geared muni.
2.KH29 now comes standard with the 47 mm wide Freeride Rim: This setup has proven to be a very good offroad spec with the Stout tire, with no change in weight compared to the 38 mm rim and a significant increase in sidewall stability. The 38 mm 700c rim is still better, however, for road use and smaller hybrid tires because it turns more easily on pavement and is less affected by road crown.
3.Stronger KH frames: Sidewall thickness on the horizontal crown tube has been increased by 30% for improved strength without a noticeable weight change.
4.Improved KH24 frame: the seat tube is now inserted down through the fork crown, similar to the KH26, KH29, and KH36, to lower the minimum inseam requirement to fit the frame.
5.Improved Rims: spoke offset has been adjusted slightly to 10 mm offset on all 47 mm wide Freeride rims, to improve spoke angle at the rim eyelets.
6.Stronger fixed (bolt-on) seatpost: This seatpost is now bonded and double pin reinforced to resist twisting (no welds), with a very nice looking polished aluminum forged top piece.
7.Stronger adjustable seatpost: Also now double pin reinforced to better resist twisting.
8.Slightly lighter Moment cranks: All cranks have a slightly wider and deeper back cutaway that slightly reduces weight by 50-70g (depending on crank length) while still keeping them super strong for aggressive riding. Kelly Hickman tested these in 137 mm length for 5 months before they went into production.
9.Improved Moment Hub Flanges: The spoke hole diameter has been reduced to 2.5 mm with a 0.5 mm bevel, to better fit 14g spokes.
10.New rim tape color options are available for KH rims: Blue, black, red, white, and yellow.
11.Two new Fusion Saddle color options: White and bright green
12.New Adrien Delecroix Signature Flash Deluxe Saddle Cover: (shipped only to UDC Germany). This is a custom pro-model cover design by Adrien Delecroix in partnership with and Team UTV. It is spec’d standard with the Flash Deluxe KH20.
13.Improved Fusion Freeride saddle: foam width has been trimmed to exactly follow the saddle frame on the front, to reduce thigh chafing.
14.Improved Fusion Street saddle with slimmer foam and new center cutaway: The foam is slimmer to make it easier to grab. The new cutaway also makes it easier to grab because you can curl your thumb around the foam into the groove. The cutaway also makes the saddle a comfortable slim road saddle for use with a touring handle.
15.Stronger and improved T-bar touring handle: Thicker-walled tubing has been used for the slotted tube into which the T-bar slides, significantly improving strength. This upgrade version was also previously sent out as replacements to anyone who broke the thinner previous version. The nuts on the sleeved insert for the handle have been replaced with very nice threaded inserts, eliminating the need for a 10 mm wrench. The sleeved insert for the handle has been flipped so that the seatpost clamp faces forwards in proper assembly (although it still works the other way too).
16.New KH bearing mount for truing stand: This very simple piece is the bottom half of 42 mm bearing housings welded to a small plate that clamps to the top of a standard wheel truing stand (e.g. Park Tools Professional truing stand). It enables hubs with 42 mm bearings to seat directly into the top of the stand, for easier building. Local bikeshops will really appreciate this gadget when confronted with the new challenge of building a unicycle wheel.
17.Improved handle mount brake bracket: The front end has been cut at 45 degrees to improve appearance and reduce weight.
18.Stronger Rollo Disk: The bottom shelf of the countersink for the axle bolt has been thickened to improve strength when the bolt is tightened.

It’s been fun to see all these changes through to production and I hope you like it!


brake bracket.jpg

Flash Deluxe.jpg

Truing Stand Bearing Mount.jpg

Awesome! :smiley:

Yum. Sounds like the T-bar I recently got has all the new details!

Thanks for posting this latest line of goodies for us Kris. Good luck with the sales.

Less improvements every year… the KH uni is getting nearly perfect :wink:

Also - the Forged seatpost is now available in 22.2 mm diameter option.

The 22.2, 25.4, and 27.2 versions are all designed to have the same post diameter where the post enters the forged top piece (it increases in diameter at the top, for the 25.4 and 22.2 posts). This means that the 22.2 post is just as resistant to twisting as the 27.2 post.


You have copied my brake lever mount improvement. Even the colour looks the same.

How did you do this, i have never shown it to anybody?

This is really awesome news. 22.2 still has a lot of applications (freestyle and ultralight touring).

I like the look of all of it. I’ll differntly be getting some white rim tape and red :slight_smile: and a frame upgrade for sure

That’s funny =). Color didn’t change though; just the angle at the front.


Now we just need to get Mec to start carrying them!

Agreed - that would be great. Will work on that one.
(MEC = Mountain Equipment Co-op, Canada’s version of REI)


David Labistour came to the Ottawa store and I was asking him when we would be carrying them/telling him to pick up unicycles for the bike shops.

Hub flanges are awesome. And hopefully I can get myself some 137moments before unicon :smiley:

Liking the new upgrades! Good luck with the sales!

Hey Kris, are you still offering the “spooner” brake lever thingy, and know anyone who has it in stock?

The Spooner is still available. I think everyone should have those right now. =)


love the seat post and hub


Grrr…I just bought a Nimbus 26"! Oh well, at least now I can upgrade parts!:smiley:

These parts look great!:smiley:

JUST as I buy my longneck frame!
All good though, ill just get a new rim sometime. Lovin’ the new improvements. The seat post looks so cool!