Kris Holm 20 (19") Customizing suggestions!

Hi guys, I have a Kh20 or kh19 whichever you call it. its a 2007 model. I have read that its the best stock unicycle available and with that I begin to Wonder if I was to change anything on it what would it be? tire from a CC to another one? Jim c’s to snafu ?

Please post and let me now what you guys would suggest.

PS: I am already guessing TRITON frame :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys.

  • Carbon fibre seatbase first. Best way to make a unicycle feel a whole lot better.
  • MG1 pedals with Ti axle
  • Monty eagle claw/tryall sticky tire

I made this same list, with an added qu-ax alum. seat post.

The magnesium pedals with Ti axle are like, 300 bucks on the try-all site, 80 bucks new on ebay.
Lighter than plastics too.

Take all of my advice with a grain or two of salt. I haven’t ridden in months and don’t even have a KH :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the list I would make of things to upgrade: (going from up to down on the uni)

  1. Carbon Fiber seatbase.
  2. Crmo post if it didn’t come with one.
  3. tryall tire
  4. pedals! These things are really mostly down to preference and riding style though.

The Quax reinforced is strong enough. I ride mine since 1 year (i got it at Fluck).

It has a crack under the weld since 2 month, but its still working without problems.

Well for trials what type of pedals? how much and were can i get these parts?

might like to think abot a full Scott Wallis DeRail carbon seat coupled to a thompson post, with Deathgrip handle. Expensive, but brilliant.

There are a lot of unsealed pedals that are great, BMX style with removable pins are a good way to start looking.

Usualy better pedals you should be able to remove ALL of the pins, non that are pressed in or part of the pedal, although its not always true, but usualy the better pedals are completely removable.

Pedals range from 30-150 AUD for most good ones although you might be able to find some on either end of that.

CF seatbase is 80 from MDC or UDC USA, so I don’t know how much from UDC AU.

The tire is about 50-60 bucks, MDC has both the try all and the eagle claw although I don’t know about their stock, I would recomend that you find someone with one of those tires and try it out first to find out which you prefer as they are a bit different.

The post is around 20-25 bucks I think, but you may need a shim for the Qu-ax post, someone please correct me if I’m wrong.


Quax Magnesium Pedals if youre a weight weenie.
Wellgo B77 if you want STRONG and endless grip.

patsandy100- hey man, look i don’t want to discourage you or anything but if you don’t know why you need to upgrade (like your not breaking things) then i don’t see why you should spend your cash on something that is already working for you. If you want to customise, maybe a kickass paint job on your frame would do (might cost significantly less than the CF/thompson, pedal suggestions you’ve had so far as well).

1.CF base
2.stripped frame then PC black
3.odyssey twisted pc pedals
4.White try-all
5.white koxx1 double bolt clamp.

and what Emile did to the kh hub

+1 Don’t spend extra money on a seat base unless you have broken the one your using. With a unicycle like the KH not really sure if new pedals will really greatly improve your riding unless your shifting from trial to freestyle or vice versa. (my 2 cents)

I’ll also agree here. Replace something when it breaks. If you want to customize it in the meantime, use paint / stickers / colored tape / etc. That’ll get you all the customization with little of the cost or headache.

When you do break something, replace it with the best you can afford: CF base, Thompson (or CrMo) seat post, Mag pedals, etc.

In the meantime, ride like hell!

Welgo MG1 with ti axles are less than a hundred $ if you can find them on ebay. The tryall ones have just been rebranded. You are paying $200 for the lable.

Quax pedals are also mg1 rebranded. Almost all pedals out there are welgos. Go to the scourse and get the welgoes.:wink:

I received my KH 20 around about the same time as -patsandy-
I feel absolutely fine with my kh and everything on it is great so don’t see what I should upgrade on it.

a try-all Tyre as some of you have been saying, why not stay with the creepy crawler?

a CF base. I’ve heard alot about these but I really don’t know how they upgrade the unicycle. Makes it stronger? Looks better? What does it do? And I don’t know where I would get a cf base because UDC AUS doesn’t have them I dont think

New pedals. Every BMX person sais to me that odyssey are awesome I think they are too.

A Triton frame. No idea what they are… KH frame is awesome.

The tire option is because many people don’t like the Creepy Crawler, particularly at lower pressures, it has very thin sidewalls and wears very fast.

The CF base makes it much stronger and lighter.

The pedals as many people have said is something to upgrade if you bust yours up or you want to lose weight.


I don’t mind mine but I could change my mind if I tried the try all tyre. But wearing very fast do you mean just the treads? or the whole tyre?


I find the thread goes quickly, but it’s mostly the sidewalls that seem to have the thread showing from them really quickly.

I recommend the eagle claw for it’s awesome block thread, but i’m riding a tryall white tyre for unicon cause i want to play hockey with the same uni.

Ok thanks for all the replys. What I am not happy with is:

  1. Jim c’s just dont like them grip is irritating and doesn’t work for me.
  2. CC has worn badly from not to serious riding and don’t like the feel of it.
    everything else is ok just wanted to know what you guys would upgrade :slight_smile:

so Ok for

  1. Wellgo Mg-1’s i can get for about 50 bucks on ebay not bad(strong as Jim c’s?)
  2. get a diffirent tire. what one?

1.Maybe you need to remove the pins, or play with pin placement to get a different feel. 1.+1 on the well gos

  1. Try rotating the tire if you haven’t already.2.Try All is what many people suggest though I have not used it.