Koxx1 Black Domina II

I’m selling my Koxx1 Black Domina II. I bought it early last year with the intention of developing my technical skills, however it gets ridden far less than it should for such a sweet uni. It’s in near new condition. I replaced the original seatpost with a Kris Holm at the time of purchase (I’m 6’-4" and needed a longer post.) but I’ll include both with the sale. I have gold Odyssey alloy pedals mounted on it at present, however I’ll reinstall the original Koxx1 black alloy’s before shipping. Also comes with stand.
Asking $200 + shipping.

Thanks for looking.

Reduced…$175 + shipping

I’ll have to take some measurements this evening and get it quoted by UPS. I suspect the price will be close to $30 for shipping from 98390 to 02461, but I’ll have to confirm it.

how much clearance is there between the tire and frame?


i’m pretty interested as i just tocoed my alien backflip. I could even pick it up i live about an hour away. $175 if i pick it up?

No prob. $175 and you can pick it up. Let me know.

The clearance is pretty small. I filed the extra length of the seat tube (the bit that extends beyond the weld) back just a touch to increase it. It’s great for urban fun & trials, but I wouldn’t use it for muni riding.

It looks like UPS will cost around $35-$40 for shipping. Obviously local pickup is preferred, but I can still ship it if need be.


looking at this for my son who is 13 and is 5’8". Can the seat post be shortened enough for him? If so he said he would take it if still avail. Thanx, Charles

I have the same uni. I’m 5’9" and there’s a good 4" of adjustment left when set up for me. My son is about 5’ and it is barely too tall w/out cutting the seat post.


Thanx for the clear up. I seen he was 6’4 so wanted to make sure. Then again, at the rate my kid is growing. He might be 6’4 in a couple weeks.

Yeah, as Sam said there’s plenty of room for adjustment. Actually I had to replace the original TryAll seatpost first thing as it was way too short for me. My son is 4’-11" and almost has enough inseam to ride it. I’ll ship it with both seatposts (the original TryAll and a KH) so it’ll be sure to fit anyone well into the future. It’s an excellent uni, but it doesn’t get ridden like it should.

He said he wants it. PM sent.

Sold pending payment.

payment sent. thnx, Charles