koxx pit fighter seatpost

Hey just saw on the koxx one site they have made a pit fighter seat post.

They plan to sell it at 59 euros. they have the black domina frame for 175 euros…

I mean both look nice but for that price? arent koxx one going abit tough on the pricing? :thinking:

I thought they had got the message with the XTP frame…

Yeah, Koxx overprices it’s products WAY too much. They seem to just try to get out as many new products a year as they can, but that must mean that they don’t pay as much attention to detail as some other companies. By the looks of the new seat post it is only re-enforced in the tube part, where as the problem with most seat posts is that they break on the weld connecting to the post plate. An example of Koxx overpricing their individual parts:

Koxx Red Devil Components-

Saddle- 45 euros
Seat Post- 29 euros
Post Clamp- & euros- 7 euros
Frame- 49 euros
Hub- 60 euros
Cranks- 75 euros
Pedals- 25 euros ( check out their butterfly pedals, only 75 euros! :roll_eyes: )
Rim-55 euros
Tire- 36 euros
Rim Tape- 3.22 euros
Tube- 5 euros
Post Shim- 3.22 euros
+Spokes and wheelbuild = +/- 30 euros

420 Euros for all the Devil parts. $557 USD. Rip-off.

thats a complete orange bud for those that need a comparison

I don’t agree with that. It is usually more expensive to buy all the parts separately anyway.

Here is a comparison…

From RenegadeJuggling.com
K1 Devil: $395

From Unicycle.com
KH trials uni: $467

The XTP is a lot but its the only frame like that so you can’t compare it to anything. That new seatpost is around $80US which seems like a lot but the Thompson post is the same price. If that new seat post is comparable in strength then it would be more desirable because you don’t need a rail adapter or swallis base.

I got bored and added up the price for all the parts on a kh uni and it comes out to around $520.

its only their seperate parts that are overpirced… and i’m not sure what is reinforced, but if they put that pattern all the way the joing would be more solid…

but its stuff like teh black domina frame, the butterfly pedals, some of their saddles

That doesn’t seem a very fair comparison th new KH trials uni is more comparable with the XTP than the Devil - aluminium frame, wide rim, Isis hub, solid aluminum cranks, low profile seat, reinforced aluminum seat post

Koxx XTP $818.06 (from Municycle can’t find it in US)

KH trials uni $467

I guesss you are paying a bit more for Koxx styling and branding


Yeah but I guess I am thinking more with street in mind so I would not consider using the XTP all. I agree that the XTP is more expensive than it should be.

BUT, Koxx is adding $150 to all the parts of the uni together, while KH is only adding about $50. Anyway, lets not make this into another KH vs. K1.

I wonder how much of that (if any) is due to the currancy conversion. Depending on the exchange rate it could be a lot more just because it is in USD.

From Municycle.com the devil is 349 Euros and that is $460US and since the devil is $395 from renegade I think the extra cost is because of the currancy conversion.

Whats so good about this seatpost that makes it as much as a Thompson.

light, and apperantly very strong.

Any pics? i cant get on the site


well i’d disagree with the XTP being more like the KH. The XTP is simply a devil uni with that stupidly expensive frame…

and yeah again please not KH vs. Koxx-one
that wasnt the point. The point was just dont people find it dsigusting how koxx-one seem to be overpricing their new somewhat original products.

Koxx are notorious for being pricey. Their over-priced biketrials components have made people always ask whether or not a new product has the signature ‘Koxx price-tag’.

To best honest… their ISIS crankset and hubs really aren’t that bad for the price. Let’s not forget how much KH-Onza cranksets and Profiles cost!

however, the Try-All rims are hardly a bargain. KH is much better in this sense.

Saddle-wise Koxx are nice, really nice, but I just wish they brought their saddles out to be thinner as standard, I don’t see why not seeing as ALL the Koxx team thin down their saddles a hell of a lot! It’s not too ideal thinning down Koxx saddles because they have the annoying staples instead of the easy laces design KH saddles have.

I know this’ll be really expensive… but having an entirely CNC machined one-piece seatpost would be theoretically stronger than a welded together seatpost. Even so, it’s not worth the effort considering there are steel posts around…

Isn’t that how the thompson is made?

yeah i agree sponge some of their parts are a good deal, just others they go totally ballistics with the pricing!

i mean yeah their ISIS hub and cranks are competitive, their saddles are great, the tryall tyre is pretty good, and their frame is very competitive (the devil frame)

but they go completely crazy with stuff like their rims. Why is it so much more than the KH or onza rim?

Its only there sight that is expensive. Go to renegadejuggling.com

thompson doesn’t have the problem of the uni mounting bracket to deal with. i’m not 100% sure how they attach the rail mounting hardware.