Koxx? Onza or Quax? Very confused!

Greetings all!

I have a Nimbus Trials and the hub/cranks are going to give up pretty soon. Here are my options:

  1. It will cost around £90 for a new crankset and pedals on my nimbus trials.
    (I have a Dodger Trainer to sell, the price £90 is assumng I will get £30 for it)

  2. Sell Dodger and Nimbus. £30 for the dodger, £60-£70 for the nimbus, giving me £100 towards a new uni.

That will mean I will need to spend:
£140 on a Koxx Devil
£110 on an Onza Trials 2005
£75 on an Qu-ax Splinted Trials 2005

Rember: I will have £100 (hopefully) from selling the Nimbus and Dodger which can go towards my new uni

As you can see, it’s cheeper to buy an Onza than a Nimbus trials with snafu pedals and a KH crankset!!!

Question Time

  • Does anyone actully know how good the Koxx One Devil unicycles are? I’ve seen Yoggi do loads of crazy jumps with them but that might just be down to him being great!

  • There was some business with cranks and hubs being weak or something. Anyone know anything about that?

*I want a unicycle that will last me, practically, forever. Something that I won’t have to be worrying about upgrading or breaking!
COUGH Nimbus trials COUGH :wink:

*I’m leaning towards the Onza or the Devil. Is the Devil, £30 better than the Onza? Is it worth just going for the Qu-ax? Will that do basically anything that I can?

I’m so confused about what to do! :thinking:

Any help would be fantastic!!!


PS. I’m from England so please refer to www.unicycle.uk.com
PPS. No disrespect to the KH but it’s a whopping £310 here! £70 better than a Koxx Devil? I doubt it :slight_smile:

Id go for the qu-ax its simply the best for little money and it holds a lot and if not you got still some money left for repairs

The Onza has the best Hub/Crank set. So I’d do that.

I vote for the Onza…

Yeah, I’ve just bought an onza. Go with the onza.



I’m so less confused! Thanks.

Onza’s looking the best. It seems more sturdy and generally better than the Qu-ax. Not a huge different, but it might make all the difference :wink:

Does the onza have an Onza/KH hub? They’re £115 on unicycle.uk.com!

I want a Kris Holm, but £310! Wow.

If I sold my nimbus and trainer I would prob get £70, making the Onza about £140.
Instead of buying an Onza, what upgrades could be made to a Nimbus Trials for £140?

Any news on the Koxx Devil?

Any comments or opinions appreciated


If you sold your nimbus and your trainer how would you upgrade your nimbus??:wink:

Any way i have a nimbus i with a broke rim :angry: (defective) And i am gonna upgrade to the koxx devil almost certinaly. because it looks generally nicer.


Yeh, I’m deciding between the two. I’m a little wary of the Koxx Devil, there were some design errors with the hub or the cranks. Definately ask around before you put your money anywhere. And tell me if you hear anything!



I would go for the Koxx over the Onza myself.

But if your worried about it, the Onza can probally do just about everything the Koxx can…

onza all the way

Yeh probably. Have you seen the Koxx videos? Amazing!
Why would you go for the Koxx over the Onza? What uni do you own?


I was in the same dilema and got the Onza, it does have the Kh/Onza crankset. The only difference betwene the onza and Kh is the rim and frame, otherwise they are more or less identical. The Koxx is lighter than the Onza, but not by too much, but the crank design is radically different and doesn’t have as much Q-factor as i like (the amount the cranks bend away from the wheel). Also, it seems theres been problems with the crank pedal interface, the pedals come lose continually or strip their threads occasionaly, but i think this has been sorted now. The Onza is completely solid and trustworthy, I don’t think the Koxx is worth the extra cash.

Well I have a Qu-Ax. They are very sturdy and I’m happy with it, but both the Koxx and Onza are better.

I dont know why, just because the Koxx is lighter, has an ISIS hub, and after seeing what Yoggi and even Xavier do to it, I wouldn’t worry about breaking anything on it.

koxx is NOT lighter… gosh ! haha

It’s lighter than the Onza, but not the KH.

oups yea sry… plz dont kill me… I thought the onza and the kh were the same tho…

Yeh Dave, the Onza does look very solid and the Koxx seems to have a history of problems.

Roger from Unicycle.com even said that the KH/Onza hub design was stronger than the Koxx. If anyone’s opinions are worth paying special attention to, it’s his!


FORGOT to mention:
Even unicycle.uk.com says that they recommend buying another seatpost to use for trials to replace the Koxx steatpost. That’s just another pain. How many more of them would appear if I bought one?

Is the onza lighter then the nimbus trials?

Hmm, I guess Kris Holm knows what he’s doing more than french bike trial company’s do…