Koxx? Onza or Quax? Very confused!

The Onza is 6kg and the Nimbus Trials 5.7kg.

Why is KH so famous? I’ve got “Enter the Thunderdragon”, and he’s great in that, but on the web his make is legend!

I have no opinon on which one is better than the other one but I just want to read truth about Koxx One :
Yoggi wanted to make his own unicycles (studied mechanics and business for that) and decided to enter into partnership with Koxx, the Bike trial company.
They created a new company “Koxx One”, dedicated to the uni. So Yoggi makes the uni and Koxx helps with its experience and some of the products they make for the bikes. (like rims)

I would prefer a onza 20" with koxx seat. I have tried the koxx and the onza, but I think that is the best! :slight_smile:

I’ve been using the NEW Koxx cranks for two month now… no more problem with pedals coming loose. I never heard about hub/cranks interface troubles (and many french riders use the devil)
And there’s also a new stronger seat-post… haven’t broken it yet but these kind of things may take time (I broke 2 old-style seat posts, not on huge tricks/drops… they were just tired… i’ll tell you if the new one is as lazy as the older ones).
IMHO, The only “weak” part of the “new” version is the rim… I guess you have to choose between lightness and strength for that part.

Does anyone know anything about the Koxx seat? The KH seat on my nimbus is great and fat but it gives me nasty sores on my legs after a few hours.

The koxx seat looks smaller, how padded is it?

Also, what are the pedals like for the Onza?

Thanks loads everyone, this is really helping me get an idea of them both.

I don’t know if you’ve seen a udc gel seat, but having seen both, the Koxx seat appears to be exactly the same as the Unicycle.com gel seat, except for the logo and the price.