Koxx One

You can get the Koxx One product here :

550 SW Industrial Way Suite 23
Bend, OR 97702-1080
Tel.: 541.318.6188
Fax: 541.317.0178
website: www.webcyclery.com
@mail: sales@webcyclery.com

French Rider who love Koxx one Uni !!!

i cant find it for sale anywhere one that site

the unicycle Koxx one weren’t on the website… But soon…
You can phone for your command, but only the best trial unicycle Koxx one :“DEVIL”, wasn’t finish… but soon !!! I wait impatiently this Uni !!!

The “DEVIL” of Koxx one was The Best Trial unicycle !!!

how much money? (american $)

i want one! i ride bike trials and KOXX is an awesom company.


The “Devil” cost 350 Euros, so 455 $
But check http://www.koxx-one.com/ for new products…


Something I’ve been thinking about for a trials unicycle is that with aluminum cranks such as the Koxx ones, pedalgrabs will be much more damaging to it, possibly enough to weaken it. I would like to hear from some of the designers/developers or riders about this.

Otherwise that looks like a pretty sweet uni. I hope they’ll have them in the US.

Edit: It looks pretty light at about 13.22lbs (6 kg).

It does look like KOXX is designing good unicycle gear. I like what they’re doing and how they’re trying to improve the equipment.

But their name is just unfortunate. I don’t know what KOXX sounds like in French and what French words it resembles, but in English it is just unfortunate. The double entendres are just too numerous, especially for a trials unicycle where the desire is to ride hard. Errr… see what I mean.

A good sticker slogan for KOXX would be “Ride hard, Ride KOXX”. :slight_smile:

john, you dirty man! :astonished: haha

We have Cox cable here, so I’m over it.

Yeah, but you dont ask your friends if you can ride their Koxx when its just a cable station…


I’m ordering one but I’m worried about the aluminum cranks. If I kill them will I be able to switch other plined cranks in that arent koxx? I’m getting someone from france to bring it to me and I don’t want to have to order in more cranks from the UK.

Maybe I heard wrong, but I believe they are ISIS so many others are pretty compatible.

and when you buy one, you can tell all your friends, “my new koxx is a twenty inch!”

ooooh, can I ride your twenty inch koxx???

But not many in unicycle friendly lengths.

They are ISIS so you could use any ISIS cranks. 170 mm ISIS MTB cranks would be easy to find. ISIS cranks around 160 mm for mod trials bikes can be found. Anything shorter is going to be hard to find.

For most practical purposes you’ll probably want to stick with the Koxx-One cranks. For the shorter lengths you’ll almost have to stick with the Koxx-One cranks unless you cut down a longer set of cranks.

I would expect Unicycle.com USA to carry the Koxx-One unicycles at some point. Unicycle.com UK already has them. We probably just need to wait for a container ship to get here to this side of the ocean.

I think we all want 20" Koxx

I’ll be sure to ‘command’ them soon. “I WANT A KOXX GEL SADDLE!”

Disturbing picture of a lonely guy licking his koxx. :frowning:
(from the company website)

I think we’d all lick our Koxx if it was as nice as that one…

yeah…I’d love to ride HIS Koxx.

man, i’d pay $100 to ride his koxx for a day.