Koxx one XTP frame

I’m not from the Koxx One team or so but I was looking on there site and now I see the XTP frame is for sale.
The price is 250€ and the weight : 610 gr


The whole uni:


The whole uni:

Price: 650€


I saw alot of those at UNICON when they started going on sale. They look real nice, one bad thing is the crown. But its nice, strong and light. Great for trials.


Whoa… thats a lot of cash 650 euro is about $837 , I thought the Kris holm trials were expensive at $500. Are they that much better than the Kris Holm trials? and I agree with swarbrim the crown doesn’t look that good.


it looks awesome for people who do pure trials because they don’t put theyre foot on the crown. is it lighter than the KH frame?

that’s really expensive for a frame…

no it is heavier than the Kris Holm frame which weighs 586g compared to the 610g the Koxx frame weighs.

see http://www.krisholm.com/specs/index.htm for Kris holm weights


thanks for the link.

Its a nice frame but the KH frame is lighter, and cheaper.

The question is is- this frame stronger,and worth the extra bit of weight and money. I know the prototype of this frame snapped, but i guess that’s why they call it a prototype.

yea, but also, KH frames are plenty strong enough, I think only 2 peole have broken them :astonished:

I wonder if you could do standup WW with this frame if you put griptape on it. then there wouldn’t be any disadvantages other than price.

also, I was thinking, why doesn’t KH or Koxx or someone design a nice, strong, lightweight trials frame with a long neck? I can’t think f any disadvantages to it…

That whole crown peice is the exact eipce of aluimnum koxx uses on the chain stay of most of their bikes.

really? I guess that makes sense that they used it then.

Yes KH frames are strongbut they have been broken more than twice. Ryan broke his Trials KH frame and the SB Muni club has broken a couple on their rides.

Who is saying that the XTP frame is stronger than the KH frame?
The XTP frame is just on sale so you can’t judge it now.


I didnt say that the XTP was stronger…Im saying that the KH frame is not as indestructable as some may think.

thanks evan, it makes more sense now.

[QUOTE=mornish, I think only 2 peole have broken them :astonished: [/QUOTE]

I think that figure is 4. Joe Hodges (what hasent he broken?), Ryan at UNICON before High Jump, A member of SB uni club, an Austrian has broken one and for some reason I think there is another…


this is kinda off-topic, but on the subject of light frames, would it be possible (or feasible) to make a carbon fiber unicycle frame? it would sure be lighter…but could it be strong enough?

Done, Roger from UDC UK has 2 Carbon Fibre frames, one for his freestyle and one for his MUni. I think thats right… Dont shoot me.