Koxx one XTP frame

Why do so many people argue about a trials frame, not being flat, for trials use?

You dont need a flat crown for trials, unless all of you guys are buying trials unis to learn freestyle?

I think this frame looks great. I heard about the prototype breaking like a DX frame would, but is there any enws yet on these new frames?

I’m guessing that sense they are being sold now theyre stronger, but I’m not sure. it would be better for trials than the KH, but for street(depending on what kind of street you do) a KH frame would be better.


What is your point about them using the same aluminum peice in both welds?
I have no doubt in my mind that anything koxx or koxx-one makes is very durable.

about the carbon fiber frame,
it wouldnt be cost effective - carbon fiber is expensive in large amounts, and a frame’s worth of carbon fiber would no doubt be in the high-hundreds, or more likely, few-thousands

it would be more ergonomic to make a carbon fiber reinforced frame, since carbon fiber alone lacks the elasticity that common metals have - your frame and seatposts are exposed to high stress (assuming we’re talking trials/muni) and require the ability to flex, even if it is only a small fraction of a centimeter. carbon fiber will crack before it gets the chance to bend. a crack in your CF frame could be very dangerous for you, not to mention a loss of a hefty amount of money.

has anyone other than yoggi tried this frame?

Quite a few people used one in the trials comp at unicon

I think every trials unicyclist do a few street/freestyle tricks too. Even Kris Holm do gliding and coasting. I also cant see something what makes the frame worth the money, if it is heavier than the Kris Holm frame.

Yeah for sure, everything if destructable.
But the KH should last long if you are not Ryan Atkins.:smiley:
But it’s no problem for him, he get’s a new one for free (I hope)


Thats the best thing on KH I think, for example Wogri get a new one for free too, when his frame broke, and he is not sponsored by Kris Holm. A guy from Germany has destroyed his Koxx cranks. When he asked yoggi for new ones, or rabat on new ones, Yoggi only said, that he must practice often do get a better technik.

Destroyed his Koxx cranks?
Damm those are strong cranks, how did he do that:p
Got a picture of the cranks?
But I think it would be fair if the guy gets a new pair off cranks.


He dont destroyed them realy, but the “thing” inside the crank where the pedall is in, get losely (yes he use pedall spacers). Because of this the pedall could move.

I think ntappin had a similar problem with his cranks Anyone own a Koxx Track Monster?
and is still waiting for replacements


Just want to say that there are 2 new street uni’s on the Koxx site.
The cranks are round just like the KH one’s.


Those 2 street unis look sweet! The cranks are ISIS and round also. I wonder how they will hold up compared to Profile,KH, and his other Koxx ISIS aluminum cranks.

the street unis have 135mm cranks!

That looks more like a seat stay to me. Even tho there aint no seat!


I know what hub and cranks I’m getting next now :roll_eyes:

anyone want to buy my KH trials wheelset for $150?:slight_smile:

The disadvantage is the shorter people cant ride your frame. having few differnt sizes could solve that, but create problems for retailers.

the cnc looks like overkill to me, and it dosent support the seat tube at all. i think a slim cnc block that supports the legs, and seat, and is flat for one foot stuff would look awesome be stronger and lighter than this frame.

The new rims dont have holes and are eyeletted!

hmmm, I wonder how much diference there would be from going from 140’s to 135’s for crankflip ect? hmmmm.