KOXX ONE - Devil 19" WhiteWidow - 525$CAN

This unicycle is like new, it was a sales rep’s sample and was basically never really ridden at all; just carried around…

Here’s the whole thing :

Everything is almost perfectly mint, that should be enough pics to show you :
No scratch on the frame
Right Side Pic / Left Side Pic
One crank arm has a micro tiny scratch close the the hub axle
Pic #1 / Pic #2 / Pic #3 / Pic #4
Pedals have minor scratches on the ends : Pic
Saddle has a minor bruise on the front left side of the handle : Pic / Pic

Comes with the K1 Leather DLux saddle upgrade, that’s a 40.00$CAN value
SRP is 420Euro, that’s about 625.00$CAN
Asking 525.00$CAN / $475.00USD including the Leather saddle.

KOXX have been out of stock on the Devils for a while, this is the last one available in Canada.

You can email us at : request -at- koxx -dot- ca

OMG!!! That is the sexiest uni ever!!! Any chance of parting out, if so i call the wheelset.

ill take everything else but the saddle

ill do the whole thing for 425 us if you pay ship the leather saddle isnt that much more

I’ll buy the wheelset and pedals from you.

ive already got dibs on the pedals


I totally want the wheelset though…



I really don’t think we’ll be parting the whole thing out… But I’m not the only one taking the decision so we’ll have to see… I’ll be back with an update on that on Wednesday…

In the meantime, just letting you know that we could replace the saddle with a
Camo or Leopard, we still have stock on those…

Primus, give me a zip code to give me an idea what kind of shipping fees we’d be talking about…


white widow

Wow, why so cheap?

I’m soooo tempted, but how much would shipping to Moscow, ID be; 83843?

I was looking at the blueberry, but if you’re going to sell it, I don’t think I could

pass this up!

Dont forget miles…I got first on the wheel.

I’m thinking of buying the whole thing.


But whay would you want a KH and a Koxx?

Mornish…I know where you live.

I hope that scared you out of buying it.

P.S. That might be okay because I won’t have enough money to buy for another weak unless I take out a loan from my parents.

if you are parting it out i got dibs on the seat

How about instead of just saying “dibs” on everything you just offer more cash for it? I mean come on, we stopped doing that in third grade. Seriously. :roll_eyes:

I’ll give you $150 for the wheelset.


Forget all that i posted…I decided i dont really need this anyways.

Actually guys, I’m going to have to let you have it, the shipping’s to high for me to afford.