!!! Koxx One 2007 news !!!

Many news in 2007 :
upgraded equipement, new parts …
and the XTP is under 5Kg !!! WHAHOU !!! :smiley:


Just to point out guys this is real, real account and real products.


Al those Devils in a row look pretty cool, but what’s new about them?

They are all the same price now. Before there was a price difference between them.

hey yoggi you missed the African Black frame :wink: haha just kidding

that’s nice, now if only you could lower the price down to atleast $500 that would be real sweet. Because seriously the xtp is like $850 bucks.In my opinion its not worth 850 bucks!

Qu-Ax is better.

Ohh your poor uneducated child…Koxx-one is lighter, stronger and more stylish…So yeah…that was an easy one…

And what is up with DOWN- grading the XTP with koxx light cranks, instead of the older, stronger koxx reinforced cranks?

When was the last time you rode a quax?

Did you stutter? Haha.


And me! Me too! Aren’t I cool?

Thats sweet!

blatantly, but i dont wanna make Qu-Ax seem THAT good. Koxx would get jealous.

amanda wots with the koxx bashing???

yes forrest you’re cool too! And not just because you have the same name as me. JUst kidding=p.

You’re all forgetting that KH makes THE best unicycles!

I must agree, there.

What were you taking the pedals off with a sledge hammer!? I weight 155lbs, and I have taken my koxx off 8ft several times, I dont use Koxx because they are light or look cool, I use them because they have THE strongest crank design…Yoggi and Xavier ride koxx that alone makes them better than Qu-ax. qu ax is heavy and still using the crank design back from Krises old 04 design, I think its time to upgrade a lil bit here…As for your friend destroying it, what broke on it? Only things I have damaged on mine are the seat post since I was using the old unreinforced model like Kh is using, and the rim because I dindt realize it was untightened I could pull the spokes together with my fingers and did a 360 down a 4-5 set causing it to tweak, I still road on it the rest of hte day like that doing 6 ft drops still…I got it trued and tightned later and its never had a problem since, just a lil tweaked from the first bend.
Qu-ax is close to the same strength and weight as the torker dx. I have broken e-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e part of that uni. Ive bent 2 torker hubs, snapped a crank off, broke 2 pairs of the pedals they come with, bent the hell out of 2 seat posts, broke 7 spokes out of the wheel at once(it was true then) and not nipples actual spokes, I coudlnt count how many nipples I broke out. Ive broken 2 of there frame, bent another 2, and the seat stiffiner in the middle is taped together after breaking it too…

Edit: Wasnt the world record drop to flat done by yoggi…on a koxx-one uni… So qu-ax may have Forrest and Lucas, But Koxx has one of the worlds best flatland and street rider(xav), the most well known for high drops(Yoggi), Its got Brian Stevens pimpin out the Bc wheel, Keaton Miller spinnin off everything@!, Sabin A flowin up the place, and Me…no comment :wink: L*L

Edit 2=Ohh and Forrest is the only reason Qu-ax is sorta cool :wink: