KOXX DAYS 2008 results

Koxx Days 2008 are finish :frowning:

It was a big great Week End, yeah!

Here are results, pictures are available at the photo gallery of koxx one web site

Who is maxime? :astonished:

a better unicycler rider then me :stuck_out_tongue:

The XTP with yellow rim rider in this movie:

Peter M

Maximo is a sick rider, damn good at natural. :slight_smile:

Him and Joe both tied with 9/12 lines, but they gave the win to Maximo because Joe did the lines later than him. Silly judging, to be honest, they should’ve just done a final 1-section test to see who’s better.

Us living in London have no natural to train on, so 2nd place is a good effort regardless. Natural is a totally different ball game to manmade obstacles.

I can’t belive how well Arthur did as well, considering he’s a mean street and flat rider at the same time…

Yes I think you cant compare a nature competition with a normal unicycle trial competition. Rails are the hardest section for most riders and in this nature trial competitions you dont have rails. Maybe that is the reason why tom pec is only on 4.th place. But for me it was a lot of fun doing a competition which is so much different (i wasnt at koxx days but a few month ago the french cup was at the same place).

WOOOOOOW. Mad skillz exhibited by all in that vid. What a showcase! Then the part at the end, as a reminder that there are a lot of falls involved in the road to perfection. I’m amazed none of those guys thinks it necessary to protect their wrists, if not their brains.

I agree and, not sure if you were there, but maybe they were short on time or something. Or if Maxime did his lines with less tries, that would seem to be a decent way to differentiate between them.

Once upon a time we had a “hop-a-thon,” a hopping competition to see who could hop the longest. Quaint, eh? This was in 1983. Two guys stuck it out to the 15 min. time limit. What to do? The award went to the guy who did the most hops. He worked harder. The other guy (me) was only hopping every 3 seconds or so while he kept a good, sweat-inducing bounce going. :slight_smile: