Koxx 32h ISIS hubs...


Can anyone anyone confirm whether these ‘new’ hubs from Koxx are real ISIS, esp. the 32h hub that I’ve heard whispers about? I’d like to know if I can fit cranks like KHs and Tensiles on them, and the KH 40mm bearing especially.

Any confirmation or insight’d be great.


I would be interested to know this too…

there has been word about there new hubs been real ISIS. I’ve also seen a pic on here somewhere with Koxx-one cranks on a KH hub or the otherway round.

Sponge, are you re-building the Ti again? :slight_smile:

If I can get a hold of a 32h ISIS hub, then yes. I’d really like to use a 32h rim.

Is this Koxx 32h hub actually released yet or still a prototype?

I assume it isn’t the prototype they are selling.

The last time I was actively posting on this forum was when KH first released his new 2009 alu-flanged hubs. Months later, is there still no word on 32h flanges?..

I really do think 36 is overkill for a lot of riders out there.

Same thing i have been wondering man, i want to use the the Echo SL rim 32 hole set up but i have not seen a single picture of one. Nor seen anyone with it. Renegade juggling says its available also.


Seems to be the only place we can get 'em from in the UK.

Koxx don’t have more in stock right now. We have one on our kH. Works great!

What cranks do you have on it? Also pictures? :slight_smile:

I’d like to see it too.

I think most 19" wheel riders after a 32h hub has their eyes set on the Echo SL rim. Sadly, this rim is discontinued now… it’s being updated with a new SL rim available in only black, silver, and white.

There are a few bike shops in the US i have found that currently have them available. I would love a 32hole set up with drilled moments. :sunglasses:

yes they are real isis , i have one on my devil which i got around november

More pictures of the build prosess on http://enhjuling.no/blog/

As mentioned here, it’s “true” isis, we have had KH,Impact and Koxx cranks on them with no problem.

Amazing, Im sold. Im thinking, that with the Echo SL rim and Titanium Spokes? :wink:

I already have a 32 hole rim but im waiting for EB to make a 32 hole hub.Koxx hubs are so damn expensive

Are they?

yeah but things are delayed and will be like a year till they make them :(.CF bases soon though :smiley: bolts will screw into the base and it will have a really slim aluminium plate.It will weigh the same as the udc ones but will be alot stronger and i cant remember but they might be able to take bike seatposts aswell

Awesome news! I can’t wait to see those bases!