KOXX-1 white widow seat and Dan Heaton frame + busted seatpost.

well i havent been able to use this frame and stuff since i busted it while doin a crankflip, but anyways yah here are the pics.

oops sorry i forgot to put pricing lol…well i was looking for $110 (that includes everything and shipping) OBO. i payed 200 for this all new so i guess thats about right…

haha nice. whats it going for… the whole lot?

oh…haha i doubt youl get it but okay…

how much should it go for? i mean i kinda just wanna get rid of this…how about 90? also my e-mail is mistamechanic_913@yahoo.com and i can only except paypal.

i think around there would be better…is it all rusted? it kida looks that way in the pic…

no not really i was wandering the same thing…maybe ill give it a little bath later tonight and get some new pics.

a bath?? you should not do that if there is a question of rust…if you do make sure to get it COMPLETELY dry…
i want it and i would buy it if i had money and if my mom let me…:frowning:

lol…ive been in that same position bro…thats why i need to sell this lol…

yuo want to get somthing else??// haha

absolutely! lol yah but i buste my bike and need to fix it bad…so bye bye mr dan heaton frame!

oh…how low would you be willing to go?

i might go to 85 but that is the LOWEST i will go. im not trying to be mean or anything but if i went anylower it would just be like giving it to you.

no not for me. i have ZERO cash. just trying to get it off your ands.

what is special about the frame?

well i do wanna get rid of it but not like that…hey man i woulda done the same thing;)

wiait what? i wasnt asking for it…

i rode this setup for like 30 mins and broke the post and couldnt use it… but dude it is tottally sick light. the whole frame seatpost seat and clamp weighs less than 5 lbs no joke either. if you buy it youll get to use it and see how light it is… also its uber strong. :wink:

what is it made out of it looks pretty much like a nimbus II and the sate is fine just the seat post is damaged?

wait what???.i wasnt asking for it.