Klaas Bil posts after it being locked....

We all know that Klaas Bil is the coolist newsgrouper ever,but he also managed to post in a thread that had been locked for us forum members for five+ hours…AMAZING!

Newsgroupers are gifted with exceptional power. Viva Usenet!

Klaas Bil

what exactly is a newsgroup and how does it work with this forum?

The youngin’s around here don’t know what newsgroups are… you know it’s bad when internet technology is so old that the younger generations don’t know what it is :slight_smile:


does it have anything to do with this?

What the h3ll is that???

Re: Klaas Bil posts after it being locked…

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> > does it have anything to do with ‘this?’
> > (http://www.unicycle-forum.com/unicycling/) *
> What the h3ll is that???
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i dont know about that but i think i figured something out about this
news group thing


bumpity bump bump

can anyone feed my curosity and tell me what this is



I never saw/heard of that unicycle-forum.com thing either. It looks like a generic newsgroup-to-web gateway; something rec.sport.unicycling doesn’t really need because we have this.

But I could be wrong.

Short answer to “what is a newsgroup”: It’s the pre-web Internet version of forums like this, basically, but not as fancy. Look up Usenet for more info.

Before the newsgroup (which is called rec.sport.unicycling), there was the unicycling mailing list. This was a big open email forum where people from around the world communicated. Write a message to the mailing list address, and everyone on the list gets a copy in their inbox. Those were the days!

I can’t remember the name of the guy who started the list. He’s in Arizona, and hopefully someone here remembers. Terry something? This was taken over by Beirne Konarski, who also started the web site, www.unicycling.org. I think Ken Fuchs did the groundwork to get the newsgroup established. They are the early creators of this little world we communicate in.

thanks John, i did actually find out what a Newsgroup was and have been playing around with it for the last couple days (hence the seemingly misplaced and un named post in this thread) but that unicucle-forum site still confuises me because there is no way to reply and no Usenet name (like rec.sport.unicycling)

I think you mean Terry Jones in Santa Fe, Arizona.

A fascinating account of the establishment of this newsgroup, for those who are interested in history, is recorded here. This started in 1992 but only materialised in 1995.

Klaas Bil


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Unicycle.com could make a killing selling costumes too ,big red noses ,orange wigs ,huge red shoes ,makeup,suits etc,
there must be a few off road Clown shots out there ??

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