Kid's club considerations?

Does anyone run any sort of kids unicycle group? My church is interested but a bit worried about liability etc. I was thinking of an after-school setup where kids could have a go while still under the supervision of their parent, as part of an activity club we already do occasionally. I already know all about DBS checking and that side of things, but I’ve never included an activity with a perceived potential for actual physical injury before.

Take a look at Joining is easy and relatively cheap, and provides liability insurance. They can also help in setting up a club. If you need help please let me know, I’m the secretary for USA and our charter includes promoting unicycling. Welcome!

I just noticed you are in the U.K.! There are similar organizations world wide so if you need help finding resources please let me know.

Hopefully, being outside of the USA means you have a better chance of not having to find liability insurance that specifically addresses unicycle riding.

Please note that in Japan, the majority of elementary schools have unicycles as playground equipment. No instruction is provided; the kids just play with them during recess. Some fall down. Other kids on recess also fall down without the aid of unicycles. they are not particularly dangerous. At the school I visited in Tokyo in 1987, many of the kids weren’t even wearing shoes!