Kia car advert

Saw this advert on two huge billboards while driving this morning:

Would have been better with MUnis but its a start

bigger here:


i saw the title and naturally i just reported this as spam, lol…before looking at the thread.

but that’s pretty cool!

Good for Kia! And presenting unicycles as “a bit more adventurous” is great for our image.

Now we can start wondering what’s holding those unicycles up…

Heh, Photoshop is holding that doubled unicycle up.

hm. you can tell its not the same uni twice duee to the location of the stem, but i dont think the unis were actually n the car, because they are just kinda resting on the roof. not even connected

i think what the advert is trying to say is the car drives so smoothly that it can have such an unbalanced machine on top without anything to hold it on

It’s a kind of magic… :slight_smile:

but anyway it’s nice to see uni in an ad

One of the advantages of unicycles over those other vehicles is that unicycles easily fit inside the car.

Thats what i was thinking :o

Obviously not enough room in the back. :wink:

Saw that ad earlier for the first time and did a double take “hang on that’s a uni…”

Wonder how many non-unicyclists actually notice?

There’s a thread about this on the UUU forum. UDC UK was asked about it and Kia apparently thought the mountain unicycles were too expensive for the advert…
It’s a car advert!

Not sure why they couldn’t borrow some…

As is my “other” car. My other car is a unicycle. :smiley:

The way it tends to work in the ad industry:

  • Kia doesn’t make ads, they make cars
  • Ad agency may or may not be Kia’s “main” one
  • Their idea to use unicycles on top of the car is an experiment; if they buy one it may not end up getting used (so they went cheap)
  • With luck, the oddball ad with the unicycles will go public! Yaay!

I definitely think it’s one unicycle, and I’m not even sure if it was on top of the car during shooting, or was added in post-production. Then they played around with the positioning of the copy until it looked the way they wanted.

possibly one uni but I think it’s two different photos, or else they went to some effort to make it look that way. The valve is in two different spots on the rim, and the spoke pattern doesn’t line up with the pedals the same way between them. Otherwise they look the same to me, specifically the pedals seem to be oriented almost exactly the same way.

This is so irrelevant, but I find it interesting.

According to Rachael on thr UUU forum (from UDC UK) it is 2 unicycles. Perhaps they should have just bought one. Then they could have afforded a decent looking MUni :smiley:

Blown up three times. Jpg artefacts are mainly from the original, which BTW is not the one the OP posted; I worked from a slightly higher res version found on the www.
Looks like twice the same uni to me, small differences are probably due to different position with respect to pixel grid when the picture was reduced in size.


here is a better blow up from the linked add

identical unicycles but the valve stems are not in the same places and one has a lower seatpost.

EDIT: the real question is how they stay on there at highway speeds :slight_smile:

Maybe these are the famous auto-balancing unicycles? If the unis are photoshopped on the roof, they’ve done a good job at the reflection.

More likely photoshopped the strings out which are holding them up on the car in front of the backdrop/bluescreen.

Yup, probably a studio shot. Though a wheel is reflected on top of the car, no reflections of the background around the edges of the car. No visible means of support for the unicycles, so the string idea sounds likely. Easier to paint out strings than to do other editing. But it’s interesting how the two cycles look so similar, and yet have different valve positions…