KH24" with Thompson and KH Seatpost, 2 Seatclamps, Barely Ridden.

Up for sale is my EXCELLENT condition KH 24" Muni, bought in 2009, Including adjustable rail mount for saddle with brake mount option! Thompson seatpost available +$50 Tire in Perfect condition hardly ridden at all. I had a 20" that I did all my riding on at the time. This unicycle will come to you ready to go, just put your seat on it. I have extra bumpers available also if you need them for your saddle! Also included is an extra two bolt seatclamp by Kris Holm! Thats two seatposts and two seatclamps. I did all my riding with pvc armor covering the frame so it has no wear on the paint.
Price is $450 which includes everything listed.

Payment by paypal verified account.


Saddle: No saddle included
Seat post: KH Adjustable 27.2 x 350mm bolt on style, sand blast black, pinned and bonded rectangular mounting

bracket, 4 hole
Seat post clamp: aluminum KH Double Bolt, black
Frame: KH Signature Blue 24" 7005 aluminum. Machined bearings, butted seatpost tube, and Magura brake mounts
Hub/axle: KH Moment ISIS, 36 hole, Aluminum, 100 mm center bearing to center bearing
Spokes: 14G. stainless Black (231mm in length for 3X)
Rim: KH 24", 36 hole, 47 mm wide, eyelets, offset spokes, ovalised holes, ERD 496
Rim strip: Blue vinyl
Tube size: 24" x 2.7 - 3.0
Tire: Duro Wildlife Leopard 24" x 3.0"
Crank arms: KH Moment ISIS, 150 mm, polished aluminum
Pedals: Animal Hamilton Pedals with Replaceable set screw pins, non-sealed, 9/16 threads
Bearings: 22mm x 42mm
Approx. cycle weight: 12.01 lbs.

Additional Information
Manufacturer Kris Holm
Brand-Unicycle Muni Series
Wheel Size 24 inch
Minimum Inseam Length 29" (74cm)
Type - Unicycle Mountain
Type - Seatpost Clamp Double Bolt - 27.2mm
Seatpost - Diameter 27.2mm
Color - Frame Blue
Color - Rim Anodized Black
Type - Crank ISIS
Crank Length 150mm
Type - Pedal Aluminum
Bearing Size 22x42x12mm
Cycle Weight 12 lbs.

I thought about sending this message as a PM, but your sales tactics have become public, so I figure we’re all part of this sale now:


I think folks are suspect of your honesty because you had a series of postings that showed a uni that was another forum members, then there were questions about what you were actually selling. Also, in the time you have tried to sell your uni, the world has moved on and the uni in question has become dated and is no longer state of the art.

In sum, your price is high and forum trust in you is low, so don’t expect top dollar, esp for a currently unrideable uni.

Here’s how you can fix things:

Lacking a seat, having the old style hub and frame, and having a non-bike seat post(s), it would cost $100 to make this uni closer to the current KH.

At present the uni is worth $200-250, assuming you can find someone who wants it. If you want to sell that uni, I’d suggest you offer the uni as is for $300 shipped or best offer. Or buy a seat and post, then sell it complete and ready to ride for $400 shipped or best offer.

I sold the same styled uni last year, 2007 KH 24, it had a better tire, KH seat and seat post without adaptor, custom powder coating, Magura brake, it was in good condition, it went for $325 plus shipping.

Good luck with your sale. Also consider Ebay.

Thanks for the update. That has occurred to me. However I hope to find a buyer who in interested in the unicycle as is. I do not need forum members updating my posts telling everyone my prices are high and I am not trustworthy, but thank you for looking out for the members on the site as I also do my best to do, and don’t sell stolen products. Those pictures you mentioned are obviously NOT here anymore and was not in my best interest to use. Anyhow, thank you and best of luck in posting updates on peoples future sales that you have absolutely no interest in.

Again, consider using Ebay

What are the zip ties on the frame for?

No good, $275 is not worth my time even to pack this thing up and get rid of it. It’s in perfect condition, so you might as well pay full price for a new one in perfect condition, or pay my asking price. Go ahead and give me all the advice you want but it’s still the same price and the same condition- perfect.

zip ties hold the plastic tubing onto the frame to keep it in its presently PERFECT condition, which no one seems to understand. I never even rode this thing for petes sake. 15 miles max.

Why is there plastic tubing on the frame? Does it do anything? I have a speedometer sensor attached to my unicycle with zip ties.


Well I did the same thing to my 20" KH and it saved the frame when I was bouncing around on rocks. This uni never saw any rocks only a few logs. I got the idea from a trials buddy when I was riding bike trials. It really does work wonders for saving paint. You can always replace them. They also prevent 99 percent of frame dents which can lead to weakening of the frame itself or cracked welds, and they are easy and cheap to replace.

Do the pipes get in the way at all when you’re doing high hops and have to tuck?

by “pipes” do you mean the upper legs of the frame where they meet the seat tube?
They dont get in the way for me at all because the uni is a good bit narrower than even where the cranks fit onto the hub, which sticks out a little bit from the frame by design.


There is a reason that nobody is willing to give you $450 for a old used wheel and frame, besides people not trusting you. It just isn’t worth that much.

A lot has happened since 2007, oh you should also probably mention that it is a 2007 model you are selling* (even if you bought it in 2009)

*assuming you are selling the unicycle in the pictures

I am also not sure why you keep on making new threads with the same info. You can just bump the old one back to the top.

I can see a new thread with a dropped price, otherwise it just looks like you are trying to hide the responses from your old posts.

nope is my response to everything you just said. Make me an offer for $350.

It is worth a heck of a lot more than $275. I paid $600 plus shipping and the $200 in parts i’m including, and its been sitting ever since. Now, I do appreciate everyone updating everyone else about the status of my ad. But I would appreciate if people make offers or ask technical questions related to the purchase of this unicycle on this ad. If you would like to turn the moderators on me or whatever, get my post shut down, feel free, just stop the drama. If I were a scammer, why would I not simply make a new account, take some other pictures in a different location, and repost? You must assume that I prefer to get responses such as yours, in which case, you are all much smarter than I am…

Just telling you the market dictates the worth of a product. and the market is balking at $400 for a collection of parts from the 2007 model year.

I don’t think you are a scammer, just trying to get you clued in as to why it isn’t selling. We try to help each other out like that here. $275 is actually a pretty reasonable offer.


Well I offered $300 and it was a no go. :roll_eyes:
Really wanted a KH too. O well just not meant to be…
I hope it finds a good home to do some shedding.
I’m out.


It’s still available to anyone willing to offer 100 under my asking price. so far no one has. Have a great day to all and please stop offering me 275.

It’s a lot more than a seatpost and I will not part out for less than $350 (PLUS SHIPPING). I should have been more clear about what I am selling. But the price is clearly listed and I do not appreciate guilt trips over $75. Buy one from someone else who never rode their unicycle, and go ahead and tell them that it’s not in perfect condition too and offer them 200 less than asking price. See how they react…

Seriously, you may not have intended to wear out your welcome, but you have.

Like I posted before, I sold a complete 2007 KH 24 muni (not missing a seat), so just like yours, but with a brake and a better tire, and though it was used, it was still a very nice muni. It sold for $325.

If you think yours is worth more, then take it to Ebay, otherwise accept Ezy’s offer and move on.

This is a public forum true, but it is also a community. You could be part of this community, but you’re not acting like you’re part of the community, instead you’re using this forum as a way to avoid Ebay fees.

A Eric said, you are spamming us (in your own way) and it is not appreciated, so make a deal and go away, or learn to ride and join this community.

As Saskatchewian stated and I posted in a prior thread this KH24 is a 2007 not a 2009. It comes down to the fact that besides the year it is not a whole unicycle, someone is going to have to invest additional money for a seat.

This fall I bought a complete 2007 KH shipped for $325 (not Nurse Ben’s). I replaced the rail mount seat post.

Hoping not to offend anyone I’d like to make a few suggestions…

Ezy if you want a KH I suggest you post a wanted thread instead of pleading for this one put the price you can afford, if you want ISIS make sure you specify ISIS and get a picture of any offers you receive.

SouperHero maybe you should consider either parting out your unicycle, eBay or at least selling the Thompson seat post separately. As stated by others the year of the unicycle doesn’t dictate your asking price even if it were a complete unicycle.

Since unicyclist are a small group we try to help people which sometimes include suggestions. Whether taken or not, I don’t think anyone is trying to “low ball” you and just because it’s not scratched doesn’t change the fact it isn’t even a whole unicycle. The guys who have posted here are very knowledgable and have helped out many of us, embrace experienced riders assistance instead of taking offense these are good people.