Kh20, Kh29

I should probably sell this info ( :slight_smile: ), but these models are back in stock. Check out the prices:

KH20 - $363.99

KH29 - $435.99

Looks like the KH24’s aren’t in stock yet.

Shipping for the KH29 to NJ is only $7.50. I bought mine from here last year; not sure if these are the upgraded models or not. Best call to find out.

ooh purty!

omg, you saved me over $100

Is everyone letting this thread die so no one else sees it and buys up the stock? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah probably. :smiley: :smiley:

Why so cheap?

Because the world is ending, didn’t you hear?

Are we going to be sent to that new planet that NASA or something like that found??? :smiley: :smiley:

hahahahah i heard about that on rove
rove isnt very funny though. karry is though

What I kinda thought was funny is that these unis come from UDC. Got the sticker and all.

anyone feel gypped?

Really? I thought they were coming from QBP. Theres a few other bike shops that have it as well but the price is no where as near as awesome. This site has it listed under their QBP special order catalogue: Most bike shops (in the US at least) are capable of ordering from QBP.

Most sites seem to have it for $450, still a savings over UDC: I found one site a few days ago that had it selling for like $550 though.

Heres one for $500:

think they fell off the back of a truck?

And who do you think QBP buys them from?

I don’t know QBP is a supplier so I assumed from Kris Holm Unicycles just as they get the rest of their stuff from the companies. I mean if thats the case why can’t we get everything from UDC through them?

I just got my KH20 from AEB the day before yesterday, awsome! Gonna take some getting used to since I’ve been Cokering lately :slight_smile:


I’ve been crazy-busy this past week, and finally had a minute today to unbox my KH29 (which has been in the garage since Monday!) from aebike. Oh, it’s a thing of beauty. Just gotta mount the brake and I’ll be set.

As for the UDC stickers, I believe that in the US (and maybe in North America altogether) UDC is the sole distributor of KH products. I know that was the case previously, but I’m not sure if it’s changed. If people can get the uni through QBP, I suspect it has changed, unless QBP has partnered with UDC to widen UDC’s distribution channels.

How were you able to keep it in a box for an entire week? I would have sacrificed sleep to get it open haha.

hehe, i was a little worried and ticked because the tracking # didn’t work right, but it got here on time and is safe(well it WAS until I got on it)
now to fix a seat stiffener up for it :slight_smile:
i already have 2 but they put the seat in funky positions.

it came w/ the frame on the wheel?
weird… somebody bothered to open the box and assemble it partially, unless it was a display.

Interesting, my tracking from AEB didn’t work right either, what happened with yours? Mine left some little town in IL, disappeared for about four days and suddenly showed up in my town, “out for delivery”. It showed up on time, I just didn’t see any intermediate checkpoints.

The KH20 (from AEB) came with the frame on the wheel too. Same with my KH24 and Nimbus 36 from UDC – I always assumed that was the way they normally came…