KH20 For Sale

Hey, I’m looking to sell my old KH20 and spend the difference to get one of the new ones. Here are some pictures of the old girl. I’ve been told the cranks are bent but I honestly can’t tell and it’s never affected my riding if they are so that’s the only bad thing about it that you’d be taking a risk on. Since I can’t tell at all I can’t tell you that they are bent and/or how bad it is.

The treads on the tire are worn down some and there’s a bolt missing from the seat, but besides those couple of things all of the wear is superficial. I’m attaching some pictures and will just go with the best offer I get. The soonest I could send it out is Monday, but anytime after that and I’ll be going away for two weeks or more.


another view

and another


and one more

oh and you can’t have my oddyssey pedals but i will include these brand new snafu pedals in their place.


Re: KH20 For Sale


Im interested in buying this, but i dont really know what a fair price would be.

I live in Nova Scotia, would you be able to ship it here?


ya so am i i sent you a PM. if you dont care about the price ill give you 5$ for it :smiley:

yeah i’m pretty open to shipping anywhere in the world as long as you’re into paying for it, and as far as price goes just make an offer. k thx. <3 <3 <3

well ill start at 1$

Re: KH20 For Sale

The cranks are probably kronked, like mine are. That’s what I call it, anyway. I find that after riding a certain unicycle for a long time (as in a year or more), the cranks bend just slightly so the main rider of that uni is used to it and can’t tell, but anyone who doesn’t ride that uni often thinks they feel bent.

how long is this going on for?

until monday, after that i’m leaving and i can’t deal with this but i still want to sell it. i’m hoping someone will buy it by monday so i can ship it out monday or tuesday, buy the new kh uni and have it shipped here, and have someone paypal me the money and i can just deposit it in my bank account.

and do we pay the shipping or you? also what time on monday?

I am interested in this beast how much do you want for it?


read the hole thread and you shall find out :roll_eyes:

i can ship early on monday, and you pay for shipping, but as i was almost going to send a uni recently i found out it’s not that much. only $20 or so. yes, read the hole thread.

Zach, you forgot to put in a reference to the thread.

Hey, Zach sold me stuff already, don’t buy from him!! j/k, I got a muni off him, the one crank was bent, pretty sure he told me that though, but i’d trust to buy off him again, and for the price I got it at, getting a new crank, and a new hub I think, was much cheaper than getting the muni new at, so i’m happy.


so then im still in the lead with 1$? :thinking:

looks like it, but i hold my reserve which you have not met.

thanks for the testimonial andrew.