Kh20 08 ARRIVED!!!!

WOOO, I got my new KH20 today, I had to cut the seatpost down about 2 inches unfortunately which hert with every saw :stuck_out_tongue: But its awesome i can hop twice as high and the 137mm cranks are aweosome!!! I got a great deal to only $550 posted :slight_smile:

XD thought i would just tell everyone coss i am like SO HAPPY.

08? Are you joking?

Buying something that isnt on sale?

Or are you just inexperianced and for some reason your calling a 07 an 08?

My bad but $550 is very cheap here in australia lol. On sale in udc was $650 I got it 550 delivered. And its the 08 it says it on my invoice

US dollar is not same as Australian dollar !!!

KH08 type is not on sales, you bought a 08 model which is 07 type :astonished:

What do you mean? On the invoice is says. Unicycle KH20 20" 2008
So does that mean its been made in 08 but is the 07 model ? :S

There is no such thing as a KH08, the latest generation is from 2007.

dude give us a picture. so everyone can shut up about this 08/07 bussiness

It obviously just saying it was produced in 2008. This does not mean it can’t still be the model design from 2007.

Sure you’re not reading the date off the invoice?

It probably means its the 07 model, made in 2008. The 2008 version is not out yet, and if it as kris would probably tell us.

08 has a new rim I think, but that is all…

it better, the old one is way under par to the rest of the uni.

i doubt it is an 08, it just arrived to the store in 08 so it is an 08 model?

pictures please?

Yea sorry my camera is crappy, I got the invoice on there as well.
Sorry for any confusion I just read the receipt and for the record $550 AU is what i got it for delivered.

Thanks guys

Sweet no prob. Its just that “KH08” is somewhat tabbo around here.

Hooray for KH! :smiley: nice price too.


Gosh, you guys need to settle down a bit.

Also, Australian dollars and US dollars are almost equal right now. I think they are only apart by 4 cents. Im taking advantage of this, cause to get a tire here would cost a little over $100, and I can get it shipped from overseas with all costs for around $60.

Sweet uni.

You’re taking advantage of the devalued dollar by importing?

who isn’t lol. So i go a Kh07? but made in 08 ? LOL
anyway sorry for any inconvience :stuck_out_tongue: BTW whats taboo ?


Yes. But ive always done that. Why buy from the states when I can order it from somewhere else for cheaper? I like to save my money, and I dont mind waiting a couple days or weeks to do that.

Im not sure what the taboo is…

But its an 07 so it seems. Kris actually doesn’t make his unicycles by the year. He’ll release an updated uni or product when its done being tested and ready to be released. We just add a year to it for ease of identification.