KH vs Torker

Yeah so I’m still a little bit confused as to why so many people choose to buy KH unicycles :thinking:

When I was buying my unicycle I had a brand new KH unicycle and a brand new Torker dx right next to eachother comparing the two and I have to say that their was no comparison.

The Torker just looked that much stronger in every aspect. I compared the wheels, hubs, even cranks and pedals and the Torker dx unistar just looked like a freakin tank!

This is why I don’t get why so many people go for those weak looking KH unicycles… I mean even the guy at the shop told me to get the Torker, and the KH was the more expensive one!(nice guy)

So anyways I’m sure that there’s an answer out there somwhere so fire away

I was just the same when I bought my car. It’s a Ford, and when I compared it to the Bentley I found it had just as many wheels and the same number of doors, seats and exactly one steering wheel. I can’t see why anyone should pay the extra.

I have or have had over the last 20 years:
A 20" Nimbus 2
A Pashley 20" UMX
A 1959 hand made 20" with a beautifully finished frame
A 24" Nimbus 1
A KH24
A Pashley 26"
A 28" Nimbus 1
A custom made 28"
A Coker

Of these, I can say that far and away the KH24 is the best quality and easiest to ride. The Pashley 26" frame is certainly more er… robust. The Nimbuses are perfectly good for what they’re designed to do. The KH is the specialist machine designed by one of the world’s top experts.

You are of course entitled to your preference.:slight_smile:

If you’ve never had a Torker, how can you say that a KH is better?

the KH is lighter, i like the cranks better on a KH because the DX has the pinch bolt and the KH doesnt…
the crown on the frame has that knurl on it on the KH, the seat is more comfy IMO…

when you become a good rider it will all be made clear to you.
size and looks are no comparison of strengh. everything about the KH is superior to the dx. except the rim. (i put more faith in the alex rim on the dx of holding, than i do the kh. but that is just me. the kh rim is still amazing strong though.)
cranks= KH has no ankle biters which tear your ankles open. also you can get more size options
frame= kh has had 3? break. dx has had 3 not break.
seat= kh is more comfortable and gets rid of the extra padding.
post= again the kh is stronger. most dx posts will break with normal use. kh takes a little more force.
pedals= jim c’s (kh) are way more comfortable and have 2 different pin sizes. i have broken 2 dx pedals.
hub and crank strengh is debatable

the dx is a tank though. talking about both the weight and the strengh. where as the kh is strong and light.

i have never had a kh and could still tell you it is better. just because he doesn’t own one doesn’t mean he has never riden one.

I’ve owned both the DX 24, and now the KH 24. I got good use out of my old DX and yes it was strong, but as others have mentioned, it’s much heavier (or at least feels that way) and has a smaller seatpost diameter. It also doesn’t have adequate clearance for the 3" wide gazz. Having experienced both, it’s no contest for me. KH hands down.:smiley: But for the money, the DX is a very, VERY good uni, and the least expensive splined system you can buy.

Having tried both, I must say the KH24 is the better choice, sure it may be more, but here is what I like about it.
A. ISIS compatible cranks, I can easily find other cranks for the hub, if I want shorter, I get shorter, if I wand more q factor, i can get it.
B. Wide Rim, really brings out more potential from the 3" wide tires, which I’ve personally tried three. (Gazz, Duro, Kujo)
C. Lightwieght, The KH24 only wieghs 15lbs 9oz. and thats all in the wheel, the frame and everything else is feather light, it only has weight where it counts.
D. Frame strength, The DX has a big weakness, it’s frame, I’ve heard of many frame breakages, but have only seen three KH’s crack after extreme use.
E. Everything you want is already set up on the KH. If you want maggie’s, it’s got the post and mounts already. It’s already got sweet pedals (Jimmy C’s) and it’s already got a stronger rail post.
In conclusion- KH’s own.

If im honest, i think the dx is pretty ugly, the kh20 is… well, sleak and sexy :stuck_out_tongue:
but still, people don’t buy koxxs over KH20s just because they look better [well I didn’t], and just because a unicycle may look more ‘‘tank’’ like, don’t always mean it’s stronger :roll_eyes:

Thanks for all of the response’s. I’m looking into getting a trials uni pretty soon (once I’m cleared by my doctors) and was debating on which one to get so all of your opinion’s will definatley be taken seriously and I do appreciate it.:slight_smile:

So I have to ask… What is the best trials uni?


KH-lightweight but incredibly strong aluminum powdercoated frame.

DX-heavy, steel frame with engineering flows and bad bearing holders. breaks easily and has much to high of a crown.

KH-Isis splined cranks, a better length for trials and street, as well as being light and strong.

DX-splined cranks that are very heavy, hurt your ankles, and are too short for comfort when it comes too trials.

KH-Isis splined hub with a hollow axle, and is wider than the dx for a stiffer, stronger wheel.

DX-splined hub that is very heavy, and skinny making for a fragiler wheel.

KH-Drilled, wide rim - leightweight, as well as incredibly strong. also is much more stable for sidehops.

DX-alex trials rim; very strong, but pretty skinny.

KH-jimmy c pedals are much stronger, and have better tread patterns for riding.

DX- DX pedals which have pins that are prone to falling off, and shatter easily. they also have bad bearings.

KH- options from 2 different seats, both with removable covers. fusion street and fusion freeride. they are both much nicer than the DX seat.

Mornish hits the spot I would say. I have owned both Torker and KH trials uni’s ('05 Torker and then '06 KH) and its not hard to justify the extra expense. KH Unicycles are arguably the best you can get.
In any case, I had the Torker for a while, snapped the frame in half, put a Nimbus II frame on it, then sold it and got the KH.
I can safely say that the KH was a very nice change, in weight (even compared to the Nimbus/Torker combo) and handling (also due to weight) and my riding had that little spurt of awesome which one gets when upgrading their unicycle.

Last I checked, the DX owns the KH in price point.

The DX may be half the price but the KH is Twice as good…maybe more. You [usually] get what you pay for. :sunglasses:

Well from what I hear the old torkers weren’t very good. But I have a new 07 Torker dx and I was wondering if anyone has compared that with a KH?

At any rate I am usually hindered by the true yet loathsome phrase “You get what you pay for”. :angry:

the difference between the 06 and the 07 is the frame. the added a totally useless peice of metal making it at best a little stronger. when all they had to do was weld the seat tube in 2 places.

Sadly,you don’t get what you pay for

Especially buying a KH. I have saved this thread link to my desk top cause I need to paste it so often. Read this thread if you want to buy a KH, or suffer $

Basically, KH has copied quality metallurgy from the bike-motorcycle standards and applied this to uni manufacture. I wish he would embrace the modern low overhead, lower retail price model of retail distribution as well. :roll_eyes:
And while I am bashing KH, IMHO the JC pedals are like torker dx’s. Low tech and way heavy to meet a price point. They don’t belong on such a finely engineered device. Holding my KH20 by the saddle and walking it forwards it waddles side to side like a drunk duck with those low end boat anchor pedals.
That’s about it as far as I can see to slam KH though. It’s not like pedals are hard to change. KH probably got a deal on the pedals. He would have to charge more to put on pedals the uni deserves, and no one wants that.
The rest of the KH uni is very difficult to fault. You must compare it to a custom uni that costs many times as much to find a real performance advantage over a stock KH with cool pedals. :sunglasses:

kh put the jim c’s on knowing about the weight difference, to add more strengh to the pedals. and the difference between them and dx pedals is that jc’s will take a serious trashing before being destroyed. pretty much all unicycles will wobble side to side as long as they have any pedals on them.

so out of curiosity what pedals do YOU think the KH unicycle deserves?

specially designed MUni clipless, with cleatplates included (ahh yeah)

I replaced the 30 $ 730gram Jc’s

With 60 $ DMR magnesium 434 gram pedals. This shaves more then 5 oz. per pedal, for only 30 $ more then a pair of JC’s. Taking 10 0z off the most important part (the outer rotating mass)of your uni for such a pittance is very much in the spirit of owning a KH. If you are unwilling to spend 30 $ to take 10 oz. off your uni, why did you buy a KH ?:smiley: