KH street saddle + odyssey metal pedals

I have a blue KH fusion street gel saddle in good condition, bumpers are a little scratched. $35 + shipping

I also have a pair of odyssey metal pedals, I think they’re trail mix but not sure. Since I don’t know what they are I’m thinking $25 + shipping (tell me if that’s wrong)

Shipping is around $8

You can pick up at Wallan or if you live close to the city I can hand deliver it.

2013-02-16 08.14.40.jpg

2013-02-16 08.15.24.jpg

2013-02-16 08.16.32.jpg

2013-02-16 08.18.44.jpg

The pedals are Jim C
price dropped to $15 + shipping


Price dropped to :

$30 + shipping for the seat
$10 + shipping for the pedals

Shipping is $8.65 for one item or both.


You posted in another thread that you are going to be in the US next month, and that you would bring the saddle with you to ship from here and save the shipping charges.
Please bump the post at that time, and I will buy it (if I can beat the others to it, I’m sure you will have other offers).
thanks, LanceB

Like Lance said I will be going to America on the 1st of April to Los Angeles/SF/Vegas and maybe Vancouver and I can bring the items with me to save on shipping.

I didn’t say this before but the saddle is the ones with the old velo base, pre-2008 I think.

But it should not be that old anyway because the KH Street design is recent.

Here is what a 2005 KH saddle looks like :smiley:

So a guess would be 2007 edition :stuck_out_tongue:

KH street saddle is sold

Odyssey jim c pedals are still for sale
pick-up or free delivery to the city