KH rail seatpost pivoting

My seatpost started pivoting yesterday. You can see the scratches not matching anymore. Is there a way to solve this issue?

You can drill a hole through the black seatpost and the sleeve inside it. Then you can hammer a roll pin or spring pin through the hole and cut it flush with the post. You could also use a bolt and nut which would work as well but would not look as good.

Check out this post:

This happened to me, too. It pivots just a little bit, and doesn’t come off.

I moved it from my muni to my road unicycle, and I actually like the pivoting action - normally I don’t notice it, and it lets me twist around a little to compensate for road camber. So I haven’t fixed it. A roll pin sound like the way to go, though.

19th minute

Thank you all! Tomorrow I’l try with the pin solution

Can you say, this twistings, are they presented on every step, occasionly or you need to do additional force to stir the saddle in wishing position?