KH or qu-ax

I have this
but i was thinking of buying this.
i want a lighter uni, as the qu-ax is heavy.

The KH is 5.65kg and the quax is 6.55kg Does that 900g make a big difference. Is it worth it? Anyone want to buy my qu-ax if i decide on the KH? Read THIS thread if u do.

thanks in advance

No, losing 900g isn’t going to magically make you hop higher. Don’t waste your money, you already have a splined trials uni.

I agree altough it also depends on what you want to do:
More street get the KH with shorter cranks
More trials keep the Qu-ax.
The nice thing with the KH is the ISIS splines. (more crank length/futer compatability/upgrade options.)

no way, dont waste your money on a kh if you already have a qu-ax

long cranks work just fine for street.

Shaun learned double flips with 145s…

why don’t you just get the kh frame?

I have the Qu-ax splined 24" version. It was very heavy until I got new pedals, KH saddle and a new tyre. Now it’s much much better than before and much lighter. Maybe you want to do the same(especially the saddle and pedals). The stock qu-ax saddle probably makes up about half of the whole uni weight.

I have already brought a KH fusion freeride saddle and snufnu pedels( or whatever there called). Will a Kh frame fit on this uni? i would also need a new seatport right?


You already have a great uni, you dont need the KH.

Th Qu-Ax isnt even that heavy, just ride it and get stronger. Problem solved.

I got the KH and my friend a qu-ax.
Glad I don’t have a qu-ax: it’s soheavy.
He has seen the light to and is switching to KH to.
Soon we will take over the world :wink:
KH is just the best, live with it :sunglasses:


I no, my mate has a onza KH and it is sooo much more lighter and so much nicer, also the KH is sooooo more sexier:P

I just dunno if it is the right thing to do:(

Psh, I still say its not worth it, just to lose a pound.

As for me, im gonna stick with riding my 14 pound unicycle, just as well as I can ride a lighter one.

Weight weenies.

Then i might just buy that camcorder instead:D

cheers for your help

I would seriously go for a camcorder. =p

I am getting one for Christmas this year, and I cant wait. :smiley:

Camcorder will be KOOL!!! Me and my mate are going to get one each so even cooler. I getin my 29" for xmas. Just a shitty nimbus for my paper round n stuff:D

Well I got the 2007 version (except the rim) and I tell you, it is the right thing to do :smiley:
It’s so sexy, light and strong.
I thought the welding would be crap, like I discussed on another treath when it first came out, but the welds are prety sexy and good on my frame so I’m very happy.


Nah, costom with some kh parts is the best :wink:

Mine is costum:
KH 2007 stuff mixed with 2005 KH rim and CrMo seatpost and a Koxx seatclamp and some stainless silver spokes 2mm diameter :stuck_out_tongue:
But it’s a great uni.


I say just keep the Qu-Ax and get the camcorder, and if you have the money left, a KH frame maybe.

Is the whole 900 grams really that big of a deal? I mean, how much higher can you possibly hop beause of a whole 0.9 kg? I understand it might be easier to do unispins and stuff, but the right technique would also help.

It’s very simple

1)Keep Qu-Ax
2)Buy camcorder
3)Film riding
4)Make video of awesome riding on Qu-Ax
5)Show everyone that the whole 900 grams didn’t make a difference to your awesome video that you wouldn’t have been able to make had you actually got the 900 grams lighter.

'nuff said.

Uhm the KH frame wont save you that mutch weight.
Then you beter buy the new hubset.