KH or qu-ax

Yeah, but the KH frame is pretty.

And a new rim, because the hubset’s got 36 holes and qu-ax rims have 48.

Weight doesn’t matter. Gravity is not the issue. It’s all in the mind, you know.

Yeah, we need to test what kind of training is better. Riding with a heavier uni to train, then trying out a lighter uni, or training on a lighter uni, then trying out the heavier uni.

The heavier one would help gain muscle and strength, so then the lighter one would seem eaier to lift.


The lighter unicycle would help with your technique, so going to the heavier one you would still remember how to hop properly.

Until we have the evidence, we can’t really say it does/doesn’t do anything.

But I still don’t think it does that much (if any) difference to your riding ability.

Edit: OH!! Get both of them, then tell us if you feel much/any difference when switching between them.

Or not, whatever.

Thanks for all your advice and that. I think ill stick with getting the camcorder like i originaly planned. Thanks alot all, now to decide ona camcorder:D Can you tape over stuff your already recorded on a MiniDV???

Yeah, that’s true.
And to ivan:
True, you need a other rim then.
And that all in the mind thing I agree, but if you uni is lighter it’s easier to :slight_smile:


Ok, I’m not 100% on what MiniDV is, but if it’s what Ed told me it was (little cassettes) then yes, yes you can. I assume you’ll be able to watch/fast forward/rewind it, if you can do that, then just rewind to where you want to film from, and it’ll tape over the rest.

ye, ill just take a few tapes with me. Do all the recording, copy all the film to my comp and then delete from the tapes :roll_eyes:
If it works like that:D

I actually tried that and what I found is when i went over to my smaller, lighter uni, I was flying everywhere so out of control and I ended up hurting myself. but that might just be me lol.