KH Leg Protection - How is it?

Well now with moab over I’m going to assume that at least a large handful of people have gotten a chance to ride with the new KH leg protection. How is it? How does it compare to the 661 4x4s? Your input is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

i have kh leg guards and find them good to ride in really comfortable. sometimes i even forget to take them off when i leave the skate park. :roll_eyes:

I havnt worn 661 4x4s before but have been wearing my kh leg armour for mayb about 2 months now (I think), they work great (as you would exspect from kh) I have been hit realy strongly, it makes a big thwack and nocks your leg back but you barly feel anything, definatly no pain despite them only being thin. they arnt too hot, so far I have only worn them over jeans and after wearing them for a whole day, as long as its not a very hot day your legs dont get too hot but if you are in the sun on a hot day your legs do obviously get hot and a bit sweaty. despite wering them most days formost of the day mine are still looking quite new, there was a few threads that frayed so I singed them with a lighter, there is asmall part of the anti abrasion material that it flapping up a bit were it has caught on the tyre alot but im going to sew that up but apart from that and some dirt they are looking as if they are new and still work just as good

I know what you mean I do the same, I normaly end up putting them on in the morning and taking them off in the evning even if i dont ride much through the day

I have never had anything else, but I love them! They are really comfortable and doesn’t get to hot and the protection is really great it has saved my life!.. I do the same I put them on before I leave and take them off when I get back at night… Overall I love them the only thing that bugged me a little is the straps were lose, but that is an easy fix all I did was buy some Velcro and sew it on… Overall that might be good since I am growing they will last longer since they are a tad big now…

great. mine fit me a little weird because I am tall and I only have size large. but still fits well and is comfortable. and help with falling and pedals hits

Sounds promising so far, though I think it would be great to hear from someone whos used 661s as well. I know Terry has used both and prefers the 611s over KH.

i dotn understand that,

the 661s are pretty much crap. they tear after about 3 falls, and have sharp bits everywhere. for being just about dirt cheap (like $18) though they are ok.

i can’t wait to get some kh guards.

I had the 06 661s for about a year they were ok for a couple months but than all the straps started ripping off. and the the foam in the knees got paper thin so I just cut of the knees. I got the new kh pads about a month ago.they were a little srange at first , but I like them alot now so the kh vs 661 so the kh pros
denser foam,
much stronger fabric,
better knee design so no more rocks poking throgh your pad,
simple strap design ,
higher knee protection so it does not slip down your knee,
cons, a bit warmer than vented 661s.
the highest part of the pad bulges out while riding witch is fine but for riding with them under pants its a little anoying. but no biggy
so overall id go with the kh because there dam snazzy!!!

the 661s are pretty much crap. QUOTE]
yep. the top bit makes a decent braking surface for bc though. i have some old ones I want to cut up and use

I didn’t realize that the 661s were such crap, I’ve only ever heard good things of them until now. Thanks for steering me in the right direction guys.

get the kh
like i said 661 are good only for cutting up and using as a BC break

I don’t think that the 661s are so bad, I have not used the KH armor so cannot compare but my shins and knees have thanked the 661 many times while riding/falling down ski-hills. The KH pads may be better, I wouldn’t know, but the 661s do their job.

My two bits (thats 25¢!)


a friend gave me an old pair and I took them off after about 5 minutes because they were so uncomfortable. plus the padding is more suited toward falling on a uni with the KH’s

I’ve had the same pair of 661s for years (coming up on probably 5 years!), and aside from some stretching elastic and some velcro issues, they’ve held up really well. I’m using them for mostly muni, and I don’t fall a ton or anything, so I’m probably not the hardest on this type of equipment. I’ll replace these with KH armor when mine finally fall all the way apart, just for a change and to help support KH, but I’ve been really happy with the 661s thus far.

I used my KH guards for two hard days of riding now. I think I managed to hit myself with the pedals at the unprotected part at the back of the knees 3 or 4 times already. I actually liked my old 661 but they started to stink really bad and also was a bit to small so I bought the KHs. I like that they have more protection in the back of the leg but the open part at the knee feels really dumb.

I’ll test them a little more and then tell you more about how i oike 'em.

Hold on! Remember 661 makes several models of leg armor. The 4x4’s are pretty nice, I haven’t tried the KH’s but the 661 4x4’s are not crap. Plus they are like $45.

I’m not sure about other 661 models.

Yeah, I specified the 4x4s in the original post.

I think 661s are pretty good. Mine are all chopped up but I have had them for years now and sometimes I wear them on the outside of my pants.
I cut the knee part off because when I got them I was really short (about 4’9") so the smalls were still too big and I couldn’t move my legs. I think they are pretty comfortable, I often forget they are on and will wear them all day. I have fallen asleep in them a few times too.
I would imagine the KHs would be better, they look more comfortable and less boxy. I used a pair of KH leg armor at CMW 06 for the trials comp because my 661s didnt have knee protection that was required. I ended up using the KHs over my 661s and I didn’t notice they were on, I am not sure that means anything though.

oh. maybe I was extravagating a little bit.

I slid across a bunch of rock on my knees at moab and they ripped alot though.

they do do their job though.

How big around are the KH’s? I’m average height for a girl (5’6" tall and about 16" from ankle to knee) but my calf is fat (about 15" at the largest part.)