KH Leg Protection - How is it?

I’m curious about sizing too, I’m not sure if I need a large or medium and don’t have a measuring tape to get too accurate. I’m 5’ 7" and as a result of years of BMX and now uni my legs are a bit large and muscular. Soccer shin guards are no longer cutting it.

Go to a wal-mart or any store that sells fabric and they should have a ruler you can use that is just like plastic like a suit maker would use to take a persons measurements… I say get a size small or not I got the right size to the charts and they were a little big, but some Velcro and nylon thread can fix that up… the length is perfect though so hmm… either way they will probably fit fine…

I think I saw specs on the sizes at the KH website, and they gave some specific measurements. Yeah, here they are.

Azonic Shin Knee and Calf Protectors.

The best armor that I ever had is the Azonic Shin/knee/calf protectors. I don’t see my model being sold anymore unfortunately. I bought them second hand. They are made from a very simple quarter inch thick spongy material that just wraps around the leg from the ankle to about 2 inches above the knee. The have heavy duty Velcro on the ends. They then have hard plastic covering the knee and and another longer peice of hard plastic covering the shin. the material is thick enough so that the spiked in my pedals don’t get through to rip up my calves. The material is stretchy and spongy so that it does not even get ripped when clawed by the pedals! After half a year of hard use they are starting to get frayed from the blackberry like thornbushes that line many of the single trails that I ride here in Israel. I would like to compare them to the new KH.


i get the impression that the length of the straps is a little on the generous side. i’ve only been able to try the XL size so far, but even though the length seemed ok, the straps were very loose.

there is a post from kris somewhere on this forum suggesting that you might need to do some sewing to make the straps shorter in some cases. from that i take it that they have planned to overshoot in that department, since it’s easier to adjust down rather than up.

ie. my guess is you’ll be ok if you just buy for your height, according to the sizing page.


I have been wearing the new KH pads for about two months. My one complaint-- they don’t stay over my knees, so when i need them for protection, they are too low on my legs to get knee coverage. Anyone else have this problem? If so, how do you fix it?

Maybe hi-tops.

For Muni, these are excellent pads.

Material Components:

Durable exterior fabric with consistent stitching
This is definitely a large part of the cost. Great material and construction; it would be difficult to harm this part of the gear.

Moderately flexible protection material
The actual protection happens by dampening impacts and dispersing them through the padding. It works: Shins and knee caps are well protected. Although the back of the leg is exposed and the inside of the knees are vulnerable when bent.

Comfortable interior padding

It’s warm. It’s thick. It’s comfortable. The design is mostly appreciated in conjunction with the impact protection. It softens the absorbtion.

Elastic straps

The achilles heel. These are not necessarily easy to rip, but if there’s a gear failure, it will probably be with the straps.

It’s not a flawless design, but I think it is a quality design.

i jst got my KH leg armor today. im generraly happy with it, except for the sizing. i orderd a larg, thinking t would be a little big because my meauserments just fit medium. the laarge fits perfect in the lengh but is slight ly small in the width. The pads dont wrap entirly around my calf leaving about a 2 inch long and one inch wide gap where the velcro does up, even with the velcro on its tightest. this happens between the 2nd and 3rd velcro strips. the bottom one and middle one are fine so in thnkinmg it might just be my leg is wierd

Uh oh, I went by height and got a medium, my legs are really muscular so I hope my leg fits! I ordered yesterday.

hmmmm I was hoping for more comperisons of 4xs to teh khs.

I used a pair of 661 4x4s and could not stand them. I might have been able to get use to them, but it just was not working out. Took to long to put on, and once they were on all I could think about was how uncomfortable I was. Is this just me…prolly, my legs felt trapped. I gave them to a friend, he uses them no complaints, other than a few scrathes on the back of the knee.

Will I hate the KHs as well? They look like a fairly similar shape and I am worried I will have the same trapped feeling, and not enjoy my rides as much. As of right know I use a pair of soccer style shin gaurds with ankle protection. I love them, light dont notice them, and they have really saved my ankle bones time and time again. I am begingn to beat the hell outta a my knees, some days I can take the pain some days tey are just to bruised and I need to find a way around more wacks to the side of the knee, or the top of my shin. I now own the 661 ankle bitters(which I love) and could use some shin/knee protection.

Should I go for the KHs or do they feel alot like the 4x4s?
Or should I go with something more like what yogi wears?


That’s what usually happens to me. Would you do me a huge favor and measure your calf at the fattest point? Tell me how many inches. Thanks.

Okay, I wish I had gotten a large. I followed the sizing instructions and it seems like its a bit small. Should have gotten a large, darn!

never used KH guards… I have Raceface shinguards… they are similar in design and such to the 661’s but are cheaper… mine have lasted me a while (almost a year now and still look almost brand new) and still take quite the beating…

14 maybe 15 inces

I have the KH shin guards and they are pretty good. They offer a decent amount of protection in the back, and they will save your shins. Worth the money.

Yeah, I stuck with the mediums and I’m pleased with them.