Kh Leg armour OR 661 ?

which is lighter, less bulky and better?

Both work well, both are bulky, they fit about the same, neither is particularly comfortable, but both will get the job done. I like my KH a bit better than the 661s they replaced, but only because they’re quicker to get on and off. If the price is around the same, I’d go with the KH. If there’s a significant savings to either, buy the cheaper one.

I like 661 better. Although thats speaking from the fact ive never owned any gear thats KH. 661 just to me, (not to offend or anything lol) seems stronger, like 661 4x4, they seem like their meant to hit the dirt and get into the game, KH looks like… idk… more conveiniencing, convenience i dont need lol…

One of these days 661, KH or whoever NEEDS to make these in a LIGHT color instead of HEAT ABSORBING BLACK!!! :astonished: Is it that freaking difficult to make them in BEIGE or something LIGHTER? Cripes!

(I think I used my CAPS and Exclamation mark quota for the year lol!)

lol, really like the neoprene fox shinguards i have, the fit is amazing, and they’re a lighter gray color! i guess black looks cooler, lol. my LBS sells them, but this is the only place i saw them on the web.

they have 360 deg. coverage, but the neoprene is perforated every quarter inch to allow airflow and they’re LIGHT!!! also they will not restrict your motion like exoskeleton types. i think my last upd has convinced me to buy the matching kneepads though :frowning:

I strongly, strongly suggest getting the KH guards.

I have used the 661s and the KHs, and the KHs are in my opinion, far superior.


Pros: Less expensive, a little better ventilation.

Cons: Not enough protection, Too many straps, get destroyed pretty quickly.


Pros: Less straps and in better places = faster to put on, more shin protection (no more bleeding when you get pedal bites through 661s!), a lot more durable (I have literally slid down rocks on these things).

Cons: A little less ventilation, but I never really notice I have sweaty legs until after I stop riding and take my shinguards off, a little more expensive.

Both pairs don’t have enough knee protection in my opinion, so that is why I am going to get a pair of the new 661 EVO knees once my knee is better.

If you ask me, go for the KH guards.

I hope this helps a little,

yeah, when I take my pads off and my shins are bleeding, I consider that a flaw.

edit: not sure about the weights, but I could go weigh them if you really want to know.

I’ve been looking to buy shin guards or shin/knee guards. One problem I’ve found is the lack of adjustment when it comes to securing the guard around your calf - the velcro tabs seem too short

e.g. the 661 Veggie Medum is the perfect length for my leg, but the velcro tabs are so short, there’s no way to connect it around my calf. The 661 Veggie Large is too long for my leg, but the velcro reaches around ok, but without much room for adjustment.

The KH system looks like there is adequate room for adjustment. The pic of the Fox Racing shin guards look like they might do the trick also.

Are there many other shin/knee guard systems that feature generous length tabs etc when it comes to hooking them up around your leg?

so far i think ill go with the kh armour but why wouldnt leg armour have shin protection?? Its job is to protect ur leg so i find that totally weird.

It has “Shin Padding” but it only really protects against small stuff, not like getting hit in the shins with unicycle pedals.

Personaly I like my 661’s but they are getting moldy so I’m thinking of giving the KH guards a try, there is a small spot on my knee that isn’t covered as much as I want, and I think they have fixed that.


Man i’m with emile… I Bought my 661 today… and after my first riding a strap released… 661 Brazil with replace my 4x4’s… but i think that KH is better… I just bought the six six one’s because i found here in Brazil!

GO WITH KH :smiley:




:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

i agree, the fox guards i posted ACTUALLY HAVE A PLASTIC INSERT (unlike veggies) that is about the same thickness as the plastic on the outside of many other guards, and it runs all the way from the bottom of the kneecap to the ankle (it is the size of the black area on the front). these are extremely light, however your shins are well protected. that was one main concern i had when i bought them. they’re also great if you prefer to wear them under pants. they will not move at all. the velcro tabs are more than generous as well.
one thing that the exoskeleton on the kh and 661 4x4’s is better at is protecting the guard itself from wear and tear. my pedals have ripped several small holes in the neoprene fabric. if this was a daily occurrence, it might be a bigger concern to me.
to me the tradeoff is worth it. these will last well enough, and i know i will not even know they are there until i need them, and they will not climb up my leg, they’ll stay firmly in place as if they were a part of me.

I’d probably go with KH. I think both need more back of the leg protection, but 661’s front of the leg protection isn’t good enough. 661’s stop blood but the nylon is a bit thin because of the ventilation and pedals can still really hurt your legs through them. I’ve never taken a pedal to the leg in KH but it doesn’t feel as a nice a fit as 661 but is way quicker to put on.

I’m gonna upgrade to KH once UDC is back in stock, I just bought 661 coz I really needed something.


I’ve been shopping for months. Ordered the KH on

Here’s why:

Tried hard shell and soft 661’s. The hard shell 661 had complex velcro system. With bare legs straps agitated back of my leg. Liked the soft shell ones so they can be washed but not sure how soft shell will hold up on UPD on ashpalt.

KH pair seem to have more thought regarding positioning of straps, padding in rear for peddle bites. Plus they claim the KH don’t sag while riding. Lastly they can be washed.

My 2 cents.

After i go riding, my shins arent bleeding with 661. Lol… I dont get any pedal bites from them. Guess its just different people…

I guess you haven’t landed any drops one footed yet :roll_eyes:

The Kris Holm guards definitely have better stitching etc.

I’ve also had problems where my straps get pulled off of the 661s.

KHs are kewl, but are pretty hot and bulky.
661 4x4 are the same, but a bit less of everything. But then… I improved them. Cut off the knees and now it’s the kewlest protection ever. Very goodventilation and reasonable protection(I find knee protection an over-kill most of the time. It’s your shins you’ve got to watch out for). And now I basically love it!

Ill get the kh leg armour. “661’s are easier to put on and has easier straps” (or something like that), i dont really care at all lol aslong as their good!

i agree i hate mine besides they dont even wick sweat so they get wet and take forever to dry

edit-wait hold up just to clarify i mean the foxx racing ones sorry

I like the older model of 661, that had plastic inserts in the front. Mine have been ripped more than any other pad ive seen posted here, and they are still great for protection.

It seems like the newer model of 661 got rid of the plastic inserts for better ventilation, which is a turn off for me, cause a few times my pedal poke through the plastic, and ive actually had the plastic rip in half now, so if there wasnt any plastic, im sure id be hitting my shins quite a bit and feeling it pretty good.

So if it was the new 661s compared to the KH, id go KH, but if it was the old 661 to the KH, id go 661.