Kh Isis Cranks? Disk Brake Clearance Issue!

Hey guys this is my first post and first question here. I have been riding for about 6 years and have been building my own unicycle for the last 3 I have recently updated to the new KH moment hub and isis splined crank set. I run a disk brake on my muni and the kh aluminum cranks hit the caliper. They dont have enough q factor(offset) to clear. I am wondering if the cranks have the same spline as a bike so that I can get a little more offset. Does anyone know who would sell a isis spline that would fit the KH hub so that I can weld my own cranks? Any help would be great!


Yep, they sure do. Check this post:

from this thread:

A disc brake?? Cool! Post a pic plz. I gotta see this.
Fron what ive heard, yes, the KH cranks can be swapped with any TruVatiV, RaceFace or other brand of ISIS cranks except Koxx (but those dont have any q-factor at all). Moxt bike cranks are 170 or 175 mm long so if you have a 24 incher, that might not work that great.

yeah all ISIS cranks should fit, but not koxx-one ones… but as said before, those dont have any q-factor anyways…

i’d love to see some pictures too !

or use a caliper that doesnt protrude out as much? Truvative cranks have quite a lot of q factor, try them, they are cheap too.

What size cranks are you looking for? A few bike trials makers offer “mod” ISIS cranks in 158 or 160mm length.

Are you the guy with the Hunter frame and the diskbrakes? Well, as said before…post a pic!

Hey guys thanks for all the help. I am looking for 170 or 175 for a 24in muni. Are the truvative ones made for bikes or unicycles? I am not the one who rides the hunter… All my frames are homemade out of chromoly. I am at college right now and cant post any pics until the weekend… wait maybe tomorrow if I can find my camera. I’ll do my best… If I cant find any cranks then I will have to go with a thiner caliper. Not many are that thin though and there isnt much space on uncycle to put the caliper or roter to begin with. I had to move out the bearings a good ways to get enough clearance for the rotor hub. Pics will make it clearer.

Thanks again

I found this pic of a Uni with a Disc Brake, thought i’d post it here:

I am looking at a set of Truvativ Hussefelt DH Cranks ISIS ~ 175mm. Would these be strong enough for really hard muni riding? Great price too! I shoud be able to machine off the gearset mounts and only buy one set.


That’s pretty sweet! Does the disk ever hit on rocks or anything though? I could see if you were riding on a log or something and slipped off it could hit on there.

The stopping power must be much better than the normal hs33 hydraulic rim brakes.

Well, the coffee’s done! ceeya, and nice uni!

look here for reviews. Most say they are strong and good for DH, some say they have stripped and cant tighten pedals in. Or they are flexy. But most reviews are good. They probably wont be as strong as the unicycle cranks, but they are good.

Edit: the link didn’t work. But you can see reviews at

that is actually totally awesome

yeah, what I want to know is how the disk is conected to the hub part. I can see the caliper connected to the frame, but not the other side. Interesting…very interesting.

Agreed, nice workmanship there! More build details, please!

My own experience with discs is that if you select a bad caliper, they actually do NOT generate more stopping power. With the smaller rotor sizes, the modulation and feel is superior to Maggie rim brakes, as they don’t grab at all.

On the other hand, I to would be concerned about a rotor hit in the woods.

I’ll see if I can get some pics of the hub, but you have to have a special hub that fits in the rotor. I had to machine off some of the kh hub to get enough clearance for the rotor. I’ll check on those reviews. That is not my uni posted above, my frame is different than that.


Converting to DISC BRAKE

I have been thinking about this myself. I think an adaptor like these would do the job:

I haven’t checked to see if any are available that would work or if a custom one will be required.

Thanks, that would be great. Im just curious to how the disk is on there.

The TruVatiV Hussefelt crank is verry popular and strong. I have Holzfeller cranks and thye feel rock solid. But arent 160s, much less 175s a little long for a 24? they usualy have 150s right?

Usually 24in munis have 165 to 170. The 175 wont hurt because I am not racing anyone and could use the extra leverage.